August | Volume 44 | Number 4

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The following table of contents lists articles in the August 2017 edition of OR/MS Today. You may follow any of the linked titles to read those items in their entirety. For quick navigation you may jump directly to any of the following sections:

Special issue:
Innovative Education

‘Undoing’ the teaching of analytics
By Peter C. Bell
Analytics challenges can destroy mental models that decision-makers have used historically in decision-making.
Industry experience, teaching philosophy
By S. Raghu Raghavan
Teaching of OR/MS Practice Award-winning professor’s advice: be yourself, be enthusiastic, be prepared.
MAPD: analytics education best practices
By Melissa R. Bowers
Inaugural INFORMS Meeting of Analytics Program Directors meets the needs of fast-growing academic interest area.
The making of an MSBA program
By Sanjay Saigal
Industry demand, diverse class drive UC Davis Master of Science in Business Analytics program, set for launch this fall.
From percentages to algebra
By Kenneth Chelst
Middle school mathematics: New style of teaching based on O.R. and scenario-based learning.
O.R. course ‘brings math to life’
By Thad Wilhelm
High school students see mathematics as a tool for making decisions and solving meaningful problems.
Wargames illuminate cyber threat
By Olivia Kay Hernandez, Theodore T. Allen and Douglas A. Samuelson
Classroom games provide an analytic, educational toolset to analyze the effects of proposed courses of action.
MobiDoc initiative in Tunisia
By Atidel B. Hadj-Alouane
A mechanism for doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows to conduct research in an industrial or service company.