When women clash, CAP, ethics, branding, pro bono work & more

Compiled by Ashley Kilgore

So much for girl power: Women more likely to clash with female co-workers than with men
According to new research in the INFORMS journal Organization Science, women are more likely to clash with other women at work than they are with male colleagues. While women and men were equally likely to have a “difficult” relationship with a colleague, women were more likely to cite a female co-worker as the problem. However, women who had female friends within their office were less likely to have an issue with other female colleagues.
- Daily Mail, July 17

The cure for anxious healthcare investors
Sridhar Tayur, INFORMS member and professor at Carnegie Mellon University, weighs in on the current uncertainty hanging over the U.S. healthcare sector.
- U.S. News, July 3

CAP ranked among the top data certifications
As more and more organizations are relying on data and analytics, the demand for big data skills and certifications among analytics professionals is also increasing. CIO created a guide to the most sought after big data certifications, including the INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®) credential.
- CIO, June 29

Understanding the real innovation behind the iPhone
Kalle Lyytinen, INFORMS member and professor at Case Western Reserve University, takes a look back at the innovation of the iPhone and the transformative role it has played since the smart phone boom began a decade ago.
- The Conversation, June 27

Ethics, not greed, boost profits, and analytics can help
Michael Armstrong, INFORMS member and professor at Brock University, shares the negative impact of greed and unethical behavior on industry, from banking to property development, and how analytics can be used to help, not harm, customers.
- The Conversation, June 27

Look out for surprising consequences of influencer marketing that could hurt your brand
Andrew Stephen, INFORMS member and professor at the University of Oxford, discusses a recent study in the INFORMS journal Marketing Science that explores the unexpected spillover effects of seeded marketing campaigns.
- Forbes, June 25

Moral hazard encourages consumers to choose more expensive treatment options
INFORMS member and University of Toronto professor, Nitin Mehta, discusses a new study he co-authored in the INFORMS journal Marketing Science that investigates the increase in healthcare costs associated with chronic disease in the context of consumers enrolled in employer sponsored insurance plans.
-, June 24

Students tackle hunger in their community with Pro Bono Analytics
Members of the INFORMS student chapter at the University at Buffalo with the State University of New York have taken inspiration from the INFORMS Pro Bono Analytics program and launched their own efforts to positively impact their community.
- UBNow, June 19

Hey CEOs, here’s one thing you need to do to get a raise
Here’s a tip for all you CEOs who want to add a third tennis court to your Hamptons pad: Get a guest spot on CNBC. That’s according to a new study in the INFORMS journal Organization Science, which found that bosses who appear on the business-obsessed TV network tend to see a boost in their salaries.
- Fast Company, June 13

Aiming too high? Stretch goals can hurt your business
Setting overly ambitious goals doesn’t have the positive outcome many organizations are striving for, new research finds. A study recently published in the INFORMS journal Organization Science revealed that rather than boosting drive and innovation and improving organizational performance, stretch goals more often undermine a company’s performance.
- Business News Daily, June 13

Largest senior living community following lead of Edelman Award winner Holiday Retirement
The country’s largest senior living operator, Brookdale, is following in the footsteps of the country’s largest independent living operator, Holiday Retirement, by rolling out a new pricing model that can tailor rent levels to individual communities and units within them. It’s the same pricing system for which Holiday Retirement and Prorize received the 2017 Franz Edelman Award for Achievement in Operations Research and the Management Sciences in April from INFORMS.
- McKnight’s Senior Living, June 12

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