INFORMS News: Albin, Kleinmuntz receive Kimball Medals


Susan Albin and Don Kleinmuntz, both former presidents of INFORMS and long-time active volunteers with the Institute, received the George E. Kimball Medal for distinguished service to INFORMS and the O.R. profession. Committee chair Mike Trick presented the medals at the 2012 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Ariz.

Albin is a professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Rutgers University, where she served as graduate director for 14 years. Kleinmuntz is executive vice president and chief analytics officer at Strata Decision Technology, a leading provider of financial analytics software to the healthcare industry that he and his wife, Catherine, founded in 1996.

Following are excerpts from the citations:

Susan Albin: As a visiting professor in Mechanical Engineering at Peninsula Technikon in South Africa, Albin helped to establish a degree program in quality engineering that has more than 200 students who apply their knowledge in manufacturing, textiles, food processing and tourism.

Albin’s areas of research are quality engineering, process monitoring and control, multivariate statistics, data mining and stochastic modeling. Her work has been applied in areas including medical device manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing and electronics assembly, food processing, advanced display technology and plastics recycling. Albin’s research has appeared in journals including IIE Transactions, Operations Research, Management Science and the Journal of Quality Technology.

Albin is the recipient of the Rutgers School of Engineering Excellence in Teaching Award and the Exxon Education Foundation Award. Professor Albin is the editor in chief of IIE Transactions and also served associate editor for Management Science. She is fellow of the Institute of Industrial Engineers.

Albin has been active member of INFORMS and its predecessors since 1981. She was the 2010 president of INFORMS and has served as INFORMS secretary and as a member of the ORSA Board of Directors. {Regarding her term] as president of INFORMS, Albin is most proud of the work of the Board in formulating INFORMS future with new sources of revenue and a more fact-based budgeting system. During her tenure the Board set the stage for expanding INFORMS to serve the Analytics community with services and products.

Albin was a founder of the INFORMS section on Quality, Statistics and Reliability and chaired its first Advisory Council. She was also a founding member of WORMS (Women in OR/MS) has been a member of the INFORMS Publications Committee.


Don N. Kleinmuntz: Over the course of his career, Kleinmuntz has been a passionate advocate for blending academic rigor with practical relevance, and he is an acknowledged expert on decision and risk analysis, business analytics and leveraging information technology to improve organizational decision-making. Kleinmuntz has collaborated in the design and implementation of budgeting and planning systems that are in use nearly a thousand hospitals across the United States, including many large healthcare systems and sophisticated academic medical centers. He has consulted to hospitals, a wide variety of companies and organizations, as well as several government agencies.

Kleinmuntz’s business pursuits have followed a successful academic career. He holds a bachelor’s degree in statistics and an MBA and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. He held faculty positions at the University of Texas at Austin, the MIT Sloan School of Management, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and USC.

Kleinmuntz published on a wide range of topics related to decision-making, including fundamental and methodological research on cognitive processes in judgment and decision-making, methods and approaches for improving decision-making and applied work on decision-making models and processes for accounting, financial management, resource allocation and risk management.

Kleinmuntz is an INFORMS Fellow and a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science. In 2011 the INFORMS Decision Analysis Society awarded Kleinmuntz the Frank P. Ramsey Medal for Distinguished Contributions to Decision Analysis, an award that recognizes career contributions to the field in academia, business practice or service to the profession.

Kleinmunz joined both TIMS and ORSA early in his career and was active in the predecessor to the Decision Analysis Society of INFORMS. Kleinmunz served as an officer of the Decision Analysis Society for four years, and as an officer on the INFORMS Board for seven years, including serving as president in 2009 and four years as treasurer. Kleinmuntz worked to facilitate international and academic-industry collaboration, and made pivotal contributions to a strategic planning process that led to a major new initiative in business analytics.