INFORMS News: INFORMS welcomes 12 Fellows

INFORMS honored 12 new Fellows at a special luncheon during the 2012 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Ariz., for their “outstanding lifetime achievement in operations research and the management sciences.” INFORMS Fellows have “demonstrated exceptional accomplishments and made significant contributions to the advancement of OR/MS over a period of time.”

The honorees included:

Guillermo Gallego for outstanding contributions to revenue management and inventory theory that have provided new insights and effective methods for solving inherent challenging problems, and for his exemplary leadership at Columbia University and the profession.

Bezalel “Ben” Gavish for his pioneering work in the application of operations research and management science to the field of telecommunications and his significant contributions to the fields of information systems, production management and transportation.

Daniel Granot for his innovative and groundbreaking research that has opened significant pathways of inquiry within the field of cooperative games and supply chain management and for his exceptional service to his university and the INFORMS society.

Patrick Harker for his contributions to the theory of variational inequalities and for his editorial services to INFORMS.

Michael N. Katehakis for his fundamental contributions to the theory and practice of operations research in the areas of dynamic programming and data-driven analytics.

Karl Kempf for effectively promoting operations research and management science in our nation’s key high-technology industries and for making groundbreaking contributions to robotics, production scheduling, supply chain management and product development.

Ramayya Krishnan for his leadership and innovation in academia and in practice, as well as his leadership in INFORMS, linking OR/MS and information systems in research, education and management.

Richard P. O’Neill for his contributions in developing and applying optimization to improve the efficiency of the electricity and natural gas markets and for his effective advocacy of the use of optimization to operate energy markets.

Rakesh Kumar Sarin for advancing decision analysis theories and methodologies, through editorial services and research focusing on multiple attribute decisions, measurable value functions, risk perception, descriptive choice models, fairness and happiness.

Yves Smeers for developing theory for predicting the behavior of energy markets and for his contributions to formulating energy policies, including electricity-market design in the European Union.

Marius M. Solomon for his contributions to the development and real-world advancement of O.R. planning and execution methodologies, and of benchmark problems for time-sensitive supply chains that have benefited a variety of economic sectors.

Sridhar Tayur for his research on inventories and supply chain management, and developing new methodologies, implementing solutions in manufacturing, logistics and supply chains, and creating the market for enterprise inventory optimization software.