INFORMS News: Rogers earns INFORMS Prize for Teaching of OR/MS Practice

Teaching of OR/MS Practice

The 2012 INFORMS Prize for the Teaching of OR/MS Practice was presented to University of Cincinnati professor David F. Rogers for his demonstrated “passion for the application of OR/MS to thousands of students in 30 different courses at all different levels of learning” over his 32-year career.

Michael Gorman, chairman of the award committee, made the presentation at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Ariz.

The award citation read in part:

[Professor Rogers] has taught undergraduate non-majors as well as Ph.D. OR/MS students, and in each class he emphasizes application of OR/MS tools. [Rogers] uses applied projects throughout his classes, from independent projects where students tailor their learning experience to using a variety of commercial software products to help with concept delivery.

Perhaps the best example of [Rogers’] interest in application is a case study course for both undergraduate and graduate students, in which [his] teams perform real-world ORMS projects for major corporate clients, and according to one testimonial, “he does so with passion that few others possess.”

Students benefit from [Rogers’] philosophy and energy. One corporate testimonial stated Rogers’ students “were able to hit the ground faster, and had a much better bent towards applied use of statistics then simply theoretical.” Truly, as testified by a long-term associate, “faculty such as David Rogers, have grounded future industry practitioners in the necessary discipline to be successful.” [Rogers] truly exemplifies “qualities of an excellent faculty member in both the classroom and in real-world professional settings.”