INFORMS NEWS: Geoffrion garners INFORMS President’s Award

Arthur Geoffrion, a former president of both INFORMS and one of its predecessor societies (TIMS, The Institute of Management Sciences), was named the 2013 recipient of the INFORMS President’s Award for his “seminal contributions in the field of management science and operations research, his leadership in connecting OR/MS theory to practice, and his influential mentoring and teaching of OR/MS professionals who continue to use his ideas and applications to impact business, government and greater society.”

INFORMS President Anne Robinson announced the award at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Minneapolis. The INFORMS President’s Award recognizes and encourages important contributions to the welfare of society by operations researchers at the local, national and global level. The award committee includes the current INFORMS president and the two most recent past presidents.

Geoffrion is the James A. Collins Professor of Management Emeritus at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.

The award citation read in part:

Arthur Geoffrion is recognized for his impact in optimization theory and its applications. He has authored more than 60 scholarly papers, written chapters of over a half-dozen books and contributed many opinion pieces. His editorial service includes eight years as department editor of Management Science, positions with other journals, as well as several editorial advisory boards…

During his 50 years of teaching and his years of service to his professional society, Geoffrion showed that elegant, sophisticated techniques contribute the most when they enable decision-makers in the workplace.