INFORMS NEWS: Looking for clients?

Help populate the ‘Find an Analytics Consultant’ database

By Andy Boyd and Gary Bennett

We all know the value of analytics, and many organizations are just now hearing about its power. Now that we have their interest, these organizations will need the help of talented analysts to harness their data and enable strong data-driven decision-making. Who better than INFORMS to lead this charge?

To assist these companies with finding INFORMS members who can help, INFORMS has created the “Find an Analytics Consultant” database. The database is a re-purposing and re-launch of the “Find an O.R. Professional” database that lived on the old “Science of Better” site. 

Along with making the database more analytics-centric to take advantage of the high regard for that term in business circles, INFORMS has also improved the searchability and user experience. Users may search by any keyword they deem important or follow a guided search by selecting from three categories:

  1. Provider Type (academic consultant, business consultant, expert witness, and software package provider)
  2. Application (everything from data mining to systems analysis)
  3. Industry

Search results are returned alphabetically by state beginning with the United States and include key data such as consultant name, name of company and location. Searchers may drill deeper to read a description of the company, expertise areas, contact information and link through to the company website. And the very best news – only INFORMS members are housed within the database. This is your member benefit. And why not? INFORMS is home for the world’s finest analytics professionals.

The aim is to make the INFORMS Find an Analytics Consultant database the go-to place where visitors can find experienced analytics consultants to aid their organization. But to do that, we need you. Please take a few moments to include your information in the database. If you are a vendor, full-time consultant or an academic who consults part time, we need you and want you in the database. There is no fee for adding yourself to the database, nor is there a fee for members or non-members to search for you.

Once the database reaches critical mass and is complete enough to serve organizations that need an analytics consultant, INFORMS will promote it widely to the business community. So please add your data and take advantage of this latest member benefit.

Andy Boyd is the VP of Marketing, Communications and Outreach for INFORMS. Gary Bennett is the director of Marketing for INFORMS.