INFORMS welcomes 12 Fellows

INFORMS honored 12 new Fellows at a special luncheon during the 2014 INFORMS Annual Meeting in San Francisco for their “outstanding lifetime achievement in operations research and the management sciences.” INFORMS Fellows have “demonstrated exceptional accomplishments and made significant contributions to the advancement of operations research and management science over a period of time.”

The honorees and citations included:

Michel L. Balinski: For many years of dedication to advancing operations research and management science, mathematics, economics, and social choice theory, Michel Balinski has established a distinguished record as an outstanding research contributor.

Jonathan Eckstein: Jonathan Eckstein is a leader in the application of large-scale parallel computing to optimization problems. His contributions lie in both theory and algorithms for discrete and continuous optimization problems, as well as areas of application.

Terry P. Harrison: For broad-ranging contributions to INFORMS, his university and the profession, including contributions as INFORMS president, editor in chief of Interfaces, an Edelman Award finalist, his research in supply chain management and a Business Week 4-star teacher.

Robert R. Inman: For advancing the application of operations research at General Motors through broad and high-impact contributions to applied supply chain, manufacturing, vehicle sales, service and dealer inventory management.

Radhika Kulkarni: For contributions to practice, management and education through development, dissemination and widespread application of operations research and analytics software for solving business problems, and for service to the profession.

Russell P. Labe Jr.: Russell P. Labe Jr. is a consummate operations research practitioner, having led extraordinarily successful analytics groups at Merrill Lynch and Bank of America, as well as providing exemplary service to the practice community within INFORMS.

Steve Nahmias: For his outstanding research contributions to the fields of perishable inventory theory and repairable inventory theory and significant contribution to education through his textbook, “Production and Operations Analysis.”

Robert L. Phillips: For pioneering applications and professional leadership in the area of revenue management and pricing.

Nikolaos Sahinidis: For outstanding theoretical and computational contributions that have changed the way optimization is practiced across science, engineering and financial decision-making.

Tuomas Sandholm: For contributions to research in computational economics, including market design, combinatorial auctions and game theory, and for contributions to practice through companies that create new markets using optimization methods.

J. George Shanthikumar: For contributions to stochastic models and systems and related applications.

Candace A. Yano: Professor Candace (“Candi”) Yano of U.C. Berkeley is a leader in operations management research and has provided significant service to the field as program chair, editor, adviser, teacher and mentor.