INFORMS News: Conference snapshot survey – Analytics student population continues to grow

The population of students studying analytics is increasing, according to an informal Princeton Consultants snapshot survey at the INFORMS Annual Meeting from Nov. 13-16 in Nashville. For most students their future plans are academic or research-oriented; for those who intend to become practitioners, consulting is the leading industry choice.

Irv Lustig, Princeton Consultants Optimization Principal and longtime active INFORMS member, reports the following findings:

  • 23.6 percent of students said they intend to become analytics practitioners at for-profit or non-profit organizations; the remainder plan to remain in academia or perform research.
  • For students intending to work at a for-profit business, consulting is the most preferred of 14 industries, followed by financial services and healthcare.
  • 94 percent of professors said the student population in analytics at their schools has increased or remained the same size during the last three years.
  • Professors who belong to INFORMS teach analytics in a variety of departments and schools, led by Business Administration (MBA) and the Operations Research Department.

The survey included 111 self-selected participants, all of whom were onsite at the conference. The participants included 73 students, 33 professors and five practitioners.

The participating professors were asked the following question:

“In the past 3 years at my institution, the size of the student population that is studying O.R./ analytics has …” The results are shown in the following table:

Conference snapshot survey – Analytics student population continues to grow