INFORMS NEWS: Early Career Connection

By Genetha Gray and Erica Klampfl

In 2010, the INFORMS Practitioners Conference changed its name to the Conference on Business Analytics & Operations Research, commonly referred to as the Analytics Conference. The name change was enacted to reflect the broadening scope of the conference and to capture the quickly growing sector of specialists whose work focuses on finding meaningful patterns in data. Over the past three years, the conference has been very successful in serving as a leading networking and learning destination for professors and for industry and government professionals. Last year’s conference attracted a record 795 attendees from 26 countries.

This year, the conference organizing committee is striving to increase the participation of those who are new in their analytics academic or industrial career and will be the future of this conference. To do this, we are revamping what was previously called the Young Researchers Connection (YRC), a program initiated by the late Richard E. Rosenthal for early career academics. The new program will be called the Early Career Connection (ECC), and it has been formulated as a special program of events geared to facilitate networking and introduce new perspectives into some of the most critical problems facing industry today.

The ECC includes a special meet-and-greet reception on Sunday night before the conference begins, an introduction to the entire conference before the first plenary on Monday morning, and various meet-ups at meals and sessions throughout the meeting giving participants the opportunity to touch base with one another, conference organizers, vendors and some leaders in the field. The ECC program is designed to help participants enjoy the conference and maximize its benefits.

The ECC is open to researchers from both academia and industry. Participants from academia should have completed a Ph.D. no earlier than 2007 and be nominated by their department chair. Participants from industry must have completed a Master’s or Ph.D. no earlier than 2007. In addition, Master’s participants must have at least three years of experience. If you or a co-worker are interested in joining the ECC at the 2013 INFORMS Analytics Conference in San Antonio, Texas, in April, visit the following website for detailed instructions and more information:

We look forward to your nomination (accepted through March 1) and to meeting you at the conference.

Genetha Gray and Erica Klampfl are co-chairs of ECC.