February | Volume 43 | Number 1

vehicle routing software

The following table of contents lists articles in the February 2016 edition of OR/MS Today. You may follow any of the linked titles to read those items in their entirety. For quick navigation you may jump directly to any of the following sections:


O.R. opportunities in security

By David P. Morton and Suvrajeet Sen
Third in a series of articles on NAE’s “Grand Challenges” focuses on O.R.’s potential catalyst role in security concerns regarding infrastructure, nuclear terror and cyberspace.

In praise of cognitive computing

By Guy Mounier
What does cognitive computing deliver that makes it superior to previous generations of analytics and why should we embrace it? Three words: automated customer knowledge.

Internet of Things: What’s next?

By Tayfun Keskin, Fehmi Tanrısever and Haluk Demirkan
Are companies ready for billions of everyday objects to join the Internet? Realigning parties in supply chains and reinforcing new business links demands sustainable business models.


Software survey: vehicle routing

By Randolph Hall and Janice Partyka
Higher expectations drive transformation: Biennial survey of vehicle routing software reveals many innovations in response to market demands. Side-by-side comparison of 25 packages.

2016 Vehicle Routing Software Survey