February | Volume 45 | Number 1

February 2018 Cover

The following table of contents lists articles in the February 2018 edition of OR/MS Today. You may follow any of the linked titles to read those items in their entirety. For quick navigation you may jump directly to any of the following sections:


When good A.I. goes bad

By Joseph Byrum
Analytics ethics: Artificial intelligence will make mistakes, but validation is the key to avoiding algorithmic disaster.

Future directions at NSF

By Sheldon H. Jacobson, Jerome F. Hajjar, Andrew Johnson,
Erick Moreno-Centeno and Siqian Shen
Intellectual merit, broader impact require attention if NSF is to continue to contribute to U.S. economic and social well-being.

O.R. and music generation

By Dorien Herremans and Elaine Chew
The role of operations research in state-of-the-art automatic composition systems: challenges and opportunities.

Measuring medical policy changes

By Sumana Reddy and Harrison Schramm
An O.R. application to the diagnosis and treatment of depression: insights for small- to mid-sized medical practices.

Self-service analytics

By Paul Brunet  
As SSA gains momentum, the need for data governance increases in order to drive true business value.

Vehicle routing

By Peter Horner
Side-by-side comparison of packages: Vehicle routing software developers are always moving forward … or they’re run over.

2018 Vehicle Routing Software Survey