Management and Business Review: new magazine prepares for launch

Management and Business Review (MBR), a new executive magazine co-sponsored by 10 leading business schools, is scheduled to release its initial call for papers in February. The goal of MBR is to bridge management practice, education and research, and thereby enhance all three. The 10 co-sponsoring business schools include: Carnegie Mellon, China Europe International Business School, City University of Hong Kong, Cornell, Indian School of Business, INSEAD, Michigan, UCLA, Vanderbilt and Virginia.  

MBR’s founding editors-in-chief, Wallace Hopp and Kalyan Singhal, have long ties to INFORMS. Hopp, a business professor and associate dean of the Ross Learning Design Initiative with the Ross School of Business at University of Michigan, is a former editor-in-chief of the flagship INFORMS journal Management Science. Singhal, a professor of innovation, operations and supply chain management with the Merrick School of Business at the University of Baltimore, is the editor-in-chief of Production and Operations Management.

Whereas the Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review and California Management Review are published by individual schools, MBR is a grassroots initiative supported by 10 leading business schools and a large team of distinguished advisors, including 10 professors from Wharton, eight from Harvard, six from Dartmouth, five from Carnegie Mellon, four each from MIT and Stanford, three each from Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, London Business School, Michigan, Northwestern and UCLA and two each from Georgia State, Indian School of Business, NYU and UC-Berkeley;. Advisors also include 11 executives who have published best-selling books and articles in magazines such as the Harvard Business Review.

Details of MBR’s plan are posted on its website The plan describes how each school can publish its own edition of MBR. The editors-in-chief encourage academicians to share the plan with their dean and colleagues. They also ask interested parties to send, via email to, the name of your school and dean, along with the dean’s email address so that they can keep her/him up to date on the progress of the magazine.

As noted, a call for papers will be posted on MBR’s website in February. Feel free to nominate your colleagues or yourself to the editorial team by sending an email to You can also register yourself on the MBR website so that the editors-in-chief can send additional information from time to time. Suggestions can be sent to Kalyan Singhal (