INFORMS nominations

The INFORMS Nominating Committee has provided the following slate of nominees for the elections to be held in summer 2014 (for offices beginning January 2015):

Edward Kaplan
Stefan Karisch
Jack Levis
Sheldon Jacobson
Bala Shetty
Vice President – Education
Burcu Keskin
Jill Wilson
Vice President – Information Technology
Marco Lübbecke
Thornton May
Vice President – Meetings
Ronald Askin
Edward Pohl
Vice President – Publications
Jonathan Bard
Jason Merrick

No additional nominations by petition were received by the May 31 deadline. Position statements for president-elect candidates will appear in the August issue of OR/MS Today, while statements for all qualifying candidates will be available online at Voting will commence Aug. 1 and conclude Sept. 30.