June | Volume 43 | Number 3

ORMS June 2016 Cover

The following table of contents lists articles in the June 2016 edition of OR/MS Today. You may follow any of the linked titles to read those items in their entirety. For quick navigation you may jump directly to any of the following sections:

Reforming America’s defense procurement

Hawks and doves agree U.S. military spending needs a serious, systematic review, but widespread conflicts of interest present a major challenge.
By Douglas A. Samuelson

Edelman Award: ‘ORION’ delivers for UPS

Revolutionary routing system boosts driver efficiency, cost savings, customer service and the environment.
By Peter Horner

Ag analytics: Optimizing crop management

“Smart” application of fertilizer illustrates payoff in using analytical tools to enhance crop yields and improve the environment.
By Joseph Byrum

P ∈ OR (P-values in operations research)

You don’t need a license to download R, but you should have a good understanding of p-values.
By Scott Nestler and Harrison Schram

Defining analytics: a conceptual framework

Analytics’ rapid emergence a decade ago created a great deal of corporate interest, as well as confusion regarding its meaning.
By Robert Rose

Sports analytics taxonomy, V1.0

Classification techniques provide an important first step in the serious study of the fast-growing field of sports analytics.
By Gary Cokins, Walt DeGrange, Stephen Chambal and Russell Walker

Software survey: Forecasting 2016

New tools, new capabilities and new trends: Survey of 26 software packages from 19 vendors.
By Chris Fry and Vijay Mehrotra