INFORMS NEWS: Call for Nominations: INFORMS Fellows

INFORMS Fellows are examples of outstanding lifetime achievement in operations research and the management sciences. They have demonstrated exceptional accomplishments and made significant contributions to the advancement of OR/MS over a period of time.

A nominee for the Fellow Award must be a current full member or retired member of INFORMS and must have been a full or retired member for at least 10 years, not necessarily consecutive. However, long-term membership in INFORMS or ORSA or TIMS more than 10 years ago may mitigate a membership gap of a year or two during the last 10 at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.

Officers and other Board members of INFORMS, and INFORMS staff members, may not nominate or be nominees while holding such positions, unless the individual has been ineligible to nominate or be a nominee for five or more consecutive years as a result of this restriction. Members of the Fellow Selection Committee may not nominate or serve as references.

The contributions of a nominee will be evaluated in each of the following five categories; contributions must be outstanding in at least one category:

  • Research, includes theoretical, empirical or computational innovations in OR/MS;
  • Practice, includes substantial application of OR/MS to significant practical problems;
  • Management, includes significant responsibility for and direction of the development and application of OR/MS techniques and knowledge, within an organization of any type (e.g., academic, for-profit, nonprofit, governmental, military, healthcare), over an extended period of time, that have had a major impact internal and/or external to the organization;
  • Education, includes activities that had significant impact on the growth and development of OR/MS education;
  • Service, includes significant work over an extended period of time on behalf of INFORMS and its functions and/or significant contributions that advanced the stature and recognition of the OR/MS profession.

A nomination shall be prepared by a full or a retired member of INFORMS (the nominator). The nominator is responsible for securing exactly three persons to serve as references for the nominee. At least one of the references must be an INFORMS Fellow and the remaining references should be current regular or retired members of INFORMS. Members of the Selection Committee may not serve as references. The nominator and at most one of the reference letters can be from the same institution as the nominee.

A maximum of four reference letters, including the letter from the nominator, may be submitted.

For more details on eligibility, criteria, and nomination and selection procedures, visit

Complete nominations are due by July 15, 2016, to: INFORMS, Attn: Fellows Nominations, 5521 Research Park Drive, Suite 200, Catonsville, MD 21228 USA; email: