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Compiled by Ashley Kilgore

Prorize earns top analytics award for work with Holiday Retirement

Prorize, a provider of revenue management solutions, announced that they and their customer, Holiday Retirement, the largest private owner and operator of independent senior living communities in the United States, was jointly awarded the Franz Edelman Award. The award, sponsored by INFORMS, recognizes and rewards outstanding contributions of analytics and operations research in for-profit and non-profit sectors around the globe.
- KLTV 7-ABC, May 5

Why paying users to write reviews of products is probably a bad idea

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that consumers have come to rely on the internet. For everything from work to entertainment, there’s an online aspect that usually makes things easier or more convenient. This is especially true when it comes to shopping. Online sites like Yelp, ConsumerAffairs and TripAdvisor, and forums such as those found on Amazon and even Reddit, have made making an informed purchase that much easier. So, should these sites pay consumers for their review insights? While your curiosity might be piqued at the idea of being paid to share your opinion, a study in the INFORMS journal Marketing Science showed that paying users to encourage them to write reviews is probably a bad idea.
- Consumer Affairs, May 2

University of Montana students head to Vegas for business analytics

University of Montana (UM) students Brandon Staggs and David Brewer spent a week in Las Vegas, where they, err, did a lot of homework. Staggs and Brewer graduate this year as part of the first Master’s of Science in Business Analytics cohort at UM. They were also part of the first UM team to attend the INFORMS Business Analytics conference in Vegas, where they interviewed with companies such as Amazon, GM Financial, Deloitte and MGM Grand.
- Missoulian, April 24

Air Force, Walt Disney Co. receive operations research award

Members of the Air Force Studies, Analysis and Assessments directorate joined leaders of the Walt Disney Company as co-awardees of the INFORMS Prize at a gala in Las Vegas on April 3 for their pioneering and enduring integration of operations research and analytics programs. The award is given each year by INFORMS.
- Aerotech News, April 21

The complexity of ‘cause marketing’ campaigns

Cause marketing, or marketing campaigns involving the combined efforts of a for-profit and non-profit organization, is commonly conducted in retail shops, restaurants, movie theaters and even online. Whether you are attending a “give back” night at Chipotle or a special charity event at a local boutique, cause marketing campaigns seem like the perfect situation for all parties involved. However, a new study in the INFORMS journal of Marketing Science found that the effects of cause marketing are more complicated than that.
-, April 21

From roadways to telecommunications, where should America invest in its networks?

As the current White House administration prepares to invest hundreds of billions in its infrastructure networks, Anna Nagurney, INFORMS Fellow and professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, shared how operations research can help identify where those investments will have the most impact.
- The Conversation, April 19

Become a part of the growing data analytics field

Researchers have estimated that 150,000 data analytics professionals are needed to fill roles in Canada. York University announced it will help to address the talent shortage by launching its big data analytics program this September. Facilitated as a part-time offering through York’s School of Continuing Studies, the big data analytics program is comprised of two certificates – the certificate in big data analytics and the certificate in advanced data science and predictive analytics. The certificate in advanced data science and predictive analytics, which launches in winter 2018, delves into data organization for analysis and advanced methods and analytics for those looking to pursue the INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®) designation, the premier global professional certification for analytics practitioners.
- The Toronto Star, April 12

The most impactful technologies coming to retail

Suresh Acharya, INFORMS member and head of JDA Labs, discussed how, thanks to a shift in focus from “stuff” to “people,” data science and machine learning are poised to take retail to new levels of efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction.
- Retail Touch Points, April 11

Can tailoring ads help brands increase customer loyalty?

Maarten Bos, a research scientist at Disney Research, helped conduct a series of studies – which were the topic of his presentation at the 2017 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference – about tailoring ads that are both appealing and effective. Personality types vary, which suggests that tailored advertisements may be appealing and effective.
- Loyalty 360, April 11

How Holiday increased revenue from new leases by 10 percent

What started around 2011 as an effort to find a better way to establish appropriate unit rents led Lake Oswego, Ore.-based Holiday Retirement to consistently realize a 10 percent revenue increase from new leases. In recognition of this achievement, Holiday Retirement received an international award, the INFORMS Franz Edelman Award, for implementing a revenue management system that was new to the senior living industry. ORMS
- McKnight’s Senior Living, April 4

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