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Gender gap issues, trendsetter trouble, awards and more

Compiled by Ashley Kilgore

Alternative endings to the first aircraft carrier battle

Brock University professor and INFORMS member Michael Armstrong conducts mathematical modeling research on the 1942 Battle of the Coral Sea, which took place 76 years ago between American and Japanese aircraft carriers and explores how the battle could have ended differently if the officers had made different decisions.
- The Conversation, May 3

As consumers, how do we decide what’s “best” when it’s not clear? New study reveals our personal predispositions may drive choice

Imagine that you are choosing between two resorts for your island vacation. The factors driving your decision will be “quality” and “price,” but “quality” can be more difficult to define. In the end, this will come to represent all factors beyond price, such as service, amenities, proximity to the ocean and other things that are important to you. So, how will you decide? A new study in the INFORMS journal Marketing Science explores what drives consumer choice.
- INFORMS, May 1

Rady School Professor Terry August’s research featured in Editor’s Cut

Terry August

The research of Terry August (photo), associate professor of Innovation, Technology and Operations at Rady School of Management is featured in an INFORMS Editor’s Cut series. Titled “Securing Information in a Digital World,” this edition of the Editor’s Cut series shares a robust collection of leading journal and industry articles, video and interviews that enable researchers to quickly understand and take action to improve information security.
- Rady School News, April 29

O.R., analytics make government more efficient

A new editorial by INFORMS President Nicholas Hall discusses how a robust, holistic approach to the use of data would enable the federal government to achieve more efficient and effective outcomes.
- Stars and Stripes, April 25

BNSF earns INFORMS award for analytics, operational research efforts

BNSF earns INFORMS award for analytics

INFORMS recently honored BNSF Railway with the INFORMS Prize for pioneering and integrating operations research and analytics programs into its organization.
- Progressive Railroading, April 24

Sponsorship programs could actually widen the gender gap

New research in the INFORMS journal Management Science finds key aspects of corporate sponsorship programs, while designed to advance women’s careers, may end up widening the gender gap rather than narrowing it, according to new experimental research.
- Quartz, April 25

Optimizing investments: Student teams compete to create equity portfolios with analytics and operations research

Balancing risk to achieve a high performing investment portfolio is a challenge for the most seasoned investment manager. Student teams around the world have shown they are more than ready for the challenge, with a group of students from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel successfully using operations research (O.R.) and analytics to create a competitive equity portfolio to win the second annual O.R. & Analytics Student Team Competition.
- INFORMS, April 17

Advancing wireless communication: FCC awarded the 2018 INFORMS Edelman Award, the leading award in analytics and operations research


INFORMS announced it has awarded the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) its 2018 Franz Edelman Award for Achievement in Advanced Analytics, Operations Research and Management Science for its use of operations research to create a revolutionary approach to meeting the rapidly growing need for the spectrum used for wireless communication in the United States and Canada.
- The Buffalo News, April 16

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, awarded UPS George D. Smith Prize

INFORMS has awarded the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Haslam College of Business its 2018 UPS George D. Smith Prize for an innovative curriculum, taught in the context of a true business environment, that prepares students to become effective practitioners.
- INFORMS, April 16

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, unless you are an app developer

For every two mobile apps released, one is a clone of an existing app. However, new research published in the INFORMS journal Information Systems Research shows the success of the original app is not always adversely affected by the creation of clone apps. In fact, the study, which was conducted by Carnegie Mellon University researchers, found that whether the copycat app increases or decreases the number of downloads of the original is dependent upon the quality of the copy.
- eHealth News, April 9

INFORMS to host leading international analytics conference in hometown of Baltimore

Nearly 1,000 of the world’s leading analytics professionals will arrive in Baltimore for the 2018 INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research on April 15-17 to share groundbreaking applications for analytics and how it is transforming nearly every industry around the world. INFORMS has been based in the Baltimore region for more than two decades, and the analytics applications of organizations from the Baltimore-Washington area will be showcased in myriad ways throughout the Conference. In addition, the economic impact of conference should reach nearly $1 million for the city of Baltimore.
- INFORMS, April 6

Advertisers, beware the trendsetter

Published in the INFORMS journal Marketing Science, a new study takes a look at how responsive “early trend propagators” Twitter users are to trend-related advertising. It’s not great news for advertisers.
- Discover Magazine, April 5

The sexual assault problem we can’t afford to ignore

INFORMS member Lawrence Wein of Stanford University discusses the many factors that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of backlogged sexual assault kits languishing untested in police department storerooms across the United States. Wein concludes that a large one-time investment in testing the nation’s backlog and investigating the resulting hits will pay off, both from a cost-benefit analysis perspective, as well as for the victims of these assaults.
- CNN, March 22

Gen. Michael Hayden, former Secretary Anthony Foxx to address INFORMS 2018 Government and Analytics Summit

INFORMS announced today that the organization is hosting the 2018 Government and Analytics Summit in Washington, D.C. on May 21. Keynote speakers – former director of the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Gen. Michael Hayden, USAF (Ret.), and former Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx – will address attendees about the use of operations research and analytics in providing solutions to some of the government’s greatest challenges.
- Baltimore Business Journal, March 27

Analytics and the NCAA March Madness tournament

Analytics and the NCAA March Madness tournament

Tune in to hear sports commentator Steve Russell discuss using analytics to improve the selection process for the NCAA March Madness tournament with an author of the Interfaces article “Using Mathematical Programming to Select and Seed Teams for the NCAA Tournament,” on the March 22 broadcast of Sports Scene.
- ESPN, March 22

Can we tap the power of data to bring commercial real estate planning into the 21st century?

The entire commercial real estate market can be a guessing game, where occupancies fluctuate along with real estate values. But what if you could tap the power of data science to better develop future real estate strategies? That is the focus of a special session at the 2018 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference.
- Multi Housing Pro, March 16

2018 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference: Driving the future of analytics

From better protecting the world economy against cyber crime, to detecting and preventing life threatening sepsis infections, to creating virtual environments to interact with artificial intelligence technology, analytics is driving the great discoveries and advancements of the future. And there is no greater opportunity to be part of driving that future than the 2018 INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research.
- KD Nuggets, March 12

Ashley Kilgore is the public relations manager at INFORMS.

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