Why no mention of Interfaces?

To the Editor:

It was with great interest that I read the letter to the editor from Professor James Ignizio (“Familiar ring to rejection reason,” OR/MS Today, August 2010). In his letter he mentions having a paper rejected by the journal Operations Research because the paper “contributes nothing to the advancement of theory in O.R.” Professor Ignizio goes on to say, “What I do find troubling, however, is the fact that it seems as difficult as ever to have a paper dealing with an actual application of O.R. published in virtually any of our operations research or management science journals.”

I find this very ironic and disturbing. I find it ironic because Professor Ignizio’s rejection by Operations Research took place precisely 40 years ago, apparently the exact year that Interfaces, the INFORMS Journal on Practice, was first published! I find it disturbing that there is no recognition of Interfaces by Professor Ignizio. With the exceptions of some opinion pieces, tutorials and surveys, Interfaces publishes only papers on the actual application of O.R. Indeed, perhaps Professor Ignizio can take some comfort in the fact that I have spent a fair amount of my time over the last 5+ years rejecting papers because the work was not actually implemented.

Interfaces is alive and well and celebrates its 40th anniversary in this year’s November/December issue.

Jeff Camm
Cincinnati, Ohio

Jeffrey D. Camm is professor and department head of Quantitative Analysis and Operations Management in the College of Business at the University of Cincinnati. He has served as the editor in chief of Interfaces since 2005 and will finish his second and last term with the November/December 2010 issue.