INFORMS Annual Meeting exhibitors

The following companies and organizations will feature innovative software products, publications and resources at the 2014 INFORMS Annual Meeting in San Francisco.
AIMMS®     #27
AIMMS is an innovative technology company with offices in The Netherlands, Seattle, Singapore and Shanghai. For 25 years, our award-winning optimization platform has helped Fortune 1,000 companies create high business impact by informing better decision making for complex strategic, tactical and operational problems. AIMMS quickly and effectively delivers custom solutions that will impact every level of your organization and help you gain a competitive edge. Stop by our booth and workshop to learn more.

American Optimal Decisions     #13
American Optimal Decisions provides consulting services and software solutions in advanced statistics, optimization and risk management. The main software product is Portfolio Safeguard (PSG), an advanced nonlinear mixed-integer optimization package. Use simple codes for sophisticated optimization problems, calling non-linear functions without additional programming. Function groups: linear, nonlinear, utilities, cardinality, average, VaR, CVaR and more. AOD provides consulting in various engineering areas involving statistics and optimization. See case studies at

AMPL Optimization, Inc.     #15
AMPL Optimization develops, distributes and supports the AMPL modeling language, a powerful and natural tool for developing and deploying the complex optimization models that arise in diverse business applications. AMPL is notable for its convenient support of extended problem formulations and advanced algorithmic alternatives. It features an integrated scripting language for automating analyses and building iterative optimization schemes; links for reading and writing spreadsheet and database files; and application programming interfaces for use with popular programming languages. AMPL works with more than 30 powerful optimization engines including well-known large-scale solvers such as CPLEX, CONOPT, Gurobi, KNITRO, MINOS, SNOPT and Xpress.

AnyLogic North America, LLC     #14
AnyLogic simulation and modeling software is an essential productivity and decision-making tool for your company’s various needs. AnyLogic is the only simulation tool that supports all the most common simulation methodologies in place today: system dynamics, process-centric (discrete event) and agent-based modeling. The unique flexibility of the modeling language enables the user to capture the complexity and heterogeneity of business, economic and social systems to any desired level of detail. Join GE, PwC, Intel, IBM, Cardinal Health and other industry leaders who are using AnyLogic to leverage the power of dynamic simulation throughout their entire business lifecycle.

Artelys     #22
Artelys is an optimization and analytics company dedicated to providing decision-making solutions through technology, operations research and statistics. Artelys develops, distributes and supports a comprehensive portfolio of efficient and robust tools: Artelys Kalis, hybrid constraint programming and mixed-integer programming solver; FICO Xpress Optimization suite; KNITRO, nonlinear programming solver with extended features; and AMPL. Relying on these optimization tools, the state-of-the-art development and deployment platform Crystal, and a high level of expertise in quantitative methods, Artelys has been successful in delivering 100+ efficient solutions to the most complex business problems.  

Cambridge University Press     #26
Cambridge’s publishing in books and journals combines state-of-the-art content with the highest standards of scholarship, writing and production. Visit our booth to browse new titles, available at a 20 percent discount, and to pick up sample issues of our journals. Visit our website to see everything we do:

COIN-OR     #31
The Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research publishes high-quality, free, open source tools for O.R. professionals and students, suitable for commercial, educational and personal use. COIN-OR is the place to go when you need a “white box” for algorithm research and development. COIN-OR is a strategic partner of the INFORMS Computing Society.

Cogentus LLC     #47
Smart Decisions is unique software taking a full lifecycle view for solving a problem. It provides a robust, transparent “record of decision” and includes tools for problem definition, ideas generation (including Triz), MCDA and measures of effectiveness. We offer full training on the software and methodology plus consultancy to support clients on technically complex and challenging problems, particularly those with multiple stakeholder viewpoints with a high degree of uncertainty.

Decision Sciences Journal     #46
The exhibit will feature the Decision Sciences Journal, the flagship publication of the Decision Sciences Institute, an interdisciplinary business research association dedicated to the quantitative analysis of managerial decision-making. The journal is featuring a new section on “Analytics” and another new section on “Methodological Best Practices.” We wish to acquaint the INFORMS membership with this as well as other publication opportunities in this premier business research journal.

Dynamic Ideas     #42
Dynamic Ideas is a publisher of scientific books that have quality and originality in the areas of Operations Research and Applied Mathematics. The key objective of our titles is to “educate the next generation.” Many of our books are currently being used as the main textbook in academic courses in some of the finest universities and research institutions in the world.

Elsevier     #30
Elsevier is a leading publisher of OR/MS journals, including the European Journal of Operational Research, Computers & Operations Research, Omega and the Journal of Operations Management. Come to our booth to find out about our journals, how to publish open access including the new journal Operations Research Perspectives and how to enrich your journal article with exciting innovations such as graphical abstracts, video and AudioSlides.

FICO     #1-2
FICO is a leading analytics software company, helping businesses around the world make better decisions that drive higher levels of growth, profitability and customer satisfaction. FICO’s optimization tools, which include FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite, provide high-performance solvers, flexible modeling and application development tools. FICO’s optimization capabilities are now available on the FICO® Analytic Cloud and the FICO® Decision Management Platform, an easy, cost-effective way to evaluate, customize, deploy and scale state-of-the-art analytics and decision management solutions. FICO: Make every decision count™.

Forio     #32
Forio Epicenter lets you quickly build analytics applications such as forecasting tools or statistical analyses, as well as educational simulations or even games. Let your audience explore for themselves. Epicenter allows them to benefit from your analyses, even without a background in data analytics or modeling. If you need assistance building your analytics application, Forio can help you develop and deliver online forecasting tools, predictive analytics and training simulations. With our highly skilled staff of Web and mobile interface developers, data visualization experts, user interface designers, modelers and QA testers, we can get your application running quickly.

Frontline Systems, Inc.     #11
See Analytic Solver Platform, the surprisingly easy, surprisingly powerful integrated analytics software from Excel Solver developer Frontline Systems, the company that has “democratized analytics” for hundreds of thousands of users. Learn how quickly you can “come up to speed” and create data mining and forecasting models, simulation and risk analysis models, and conventional and stochastic optimization models, for fastest time to business value in Microsoft Excel or a Web browser, or in your favorite programming language. See how you can use our analytics engines to deliver results in your consulting practice, or your company’s own Web-based or desktop applications.

GameLab Ltd.     #34
We are a technological company that produces digital games for courses at universities, primary MBAs. Our games seek to motivate students and to create a dynamic environment, converting the class into an unforgettable experience… by playing!

GAMS Development Corp.     #9
The General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) is a high-level modeling system for mathematical programming and optimization. It consists of a language compiler and a stable of integrated high-performance solvers. GAMS is tailored for complex, large-scale modeling applications, and allows you to build large maintainable models that can be adapted quickly to new situations. Come to our booth to learn more about our new GAMS distribution or ask for an evaluation license. You can also visit our technology workshop or software demo.

Gurobi Optimization     #20
Gurobi Optimization provides high-performance LP, QP, QCP and MIP solvers using the most advanced implementations of the latest algorithms. We offer best-in-class performance, support a broad range of interfaces and modeling languages, and offer flexible licensing together with transparent, no surprises, pricing, all backed by outstanding, easy-to-reach support.

IBM      #43-44
IBM CPLEX® has helped more organizations drive performance improvements from optimization than any other company, including four Edelman Award finalists. Practitioners can rely on CPLEX for prescriptive analytics to deliver bottom-line impact, leveraging big data and analytic insights to support decision-making at the speed of business. Visit booths 43-44 to learn how Decision Optimization with CPLEX helps businesses make better decisions, faster.

IEOM Society     #39
The IEOM Society is designed to encourage critical thinking in the field of Industrial engineering (IE) and operations management (OM); provide means to communicate and network among people enthused with similar interests through yearly conferences, seminars and workshops across the globe; and illustrative research publications to disseminate the earned knowledge and experience. The IEOM Society and IEOM 2015 Conference will be promoted. The IEOM 2015 Conference is sponsored by INFORMS.

Imagine That, Inc.     #24
Simulation is a key technology to understanding business processes and identifying opportunities for improvement. ExtendSim helps guide decision-making by simulating processes and determining the best system configuration. ExtendSim features a customizable graphical modeling logic where relationships between modeling components are visible. Its flexibility provides the ability to create and couple hierarchical subsystems, design interactive user interfaces and freedom to rapidly explore design options. ExtendSim’s robust data storage and manipulation tools put you in control of model information, facilitating organization of complex data.

INFORMS     #51-53
Visit INFORMS’ booth/bookstore to meet and speak with INFORMS staff about our products and services. Learn more about INFORMS journals and magazines, member benefits and services, CAP certification, continuing education, communities, upcoming meetings, networking opportunities (INFORMS Connect),and our new journal Strategy Science. INFORMS staff is available to assist you with purchasing products or renewing memberships and will have the latest information about INFORMS newest member benefits. We look forward to seeing you!

INFORMS Analytics Maturity Model Official Launch     #38
INFORMS, your trusted professional association, now brings you a new, thorough way to reassess the way that your organization uses analytics and plan even better ways to improve. Visit with INFORMS staff and the development team from Accenture, FICO, ORTEC, Spinnaker and CANA Advisors. Try out the new maturity model. Bring your questions and share your expert recommendations. But first visit

LINDO Systems, Inc.     #23
LINDO Systems offers three products hooked to industrial strength solvers for linear, integer, stochastic, NLP and global solvers. See the latest solver enhancements including exploitation of multicore hardware. LINGO includes a powerful modeling language and convenient data options to make building models faster and easier. What’sBest! allows you to build large optimization models in Excel. Models are easy to build and understand for anyone comfortable within Excel. LINDO API allows you to plug the power of the LINDO solvers right into customized applications that you have written. Stop by the booth for a free trial CD with full capacity versions.

MathWorks     #17
MATLAB is a platform for analysis, visualization, simulation and optimization. You can access and analyze real-world data and develop customized algorithms that help make better decisions. Join us to see what’s new and how MATLAB can help you explore data, develop algorithms, and integrate programs into enterprise applications.

Maximal Software, Inc.     #29
Maximal Software is a leading provider of software for developing and formulating models in the field of optimization. Organizations need to make intelligent decisions to obtain optimal use of their available resources, such as manpower, equipment, raw materials and capital. The discipline of optimization is used to assist organizations with solving their complex business problems in areas such as manufacturing, operations planning, distribution and transportation, supply-chain, finance and defense-related industries. Maximal is the developer of the MPL Modeling System and the OptiMax Component Library, and it has many years of practical experience providing innovative solutions to our customers.

MOSEK ApS     #18
MOSEK ApS provides optimization software that helps our clients to make better decisions. Our customer base consists of financial institutions and companies, engineering and software vendors, among others. MOSEK ApS was established in 1997 by Erling D. Andersen and Knud D. Andersen. It specializes in creating advanced software for solution of mathematical optimization problems. In particular, the company focuses on solution of large-scale linear, quadratic and conic optimization problems.

North Carolina State University     #4
College of Engineering
The College of Engineering offers 21 master’s degree programs and 13 Ph.D. programs on campus through a variety of rich learning and work experiences on campus. Professional engineers and computer scientists can participate in the college’s Engineering Online program and take classes for professional development or towards the completion of one of the 15 online master’s degree programs available for distance students. For more information, visit and

North Carolina State University     #5
Edward P. Fitts Dept. of Industrial & Systems Engineering
The Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at North Carolina State University is among the top ranked programs in the country. The department features educational and research programs in optimization, stochastic processes, simulation, systems analysis and analytics, quality and reliability, logistics and health systems. We offer master’s and doctoral degrees in industrial engineering, as well as a Master of Supply Chain Engineering and Management joint with the Poole College of Management.

now publishers     #19
now publishers publishes high-quality reference, research and review journals in business and technology. Our marquee product, Foundations and Trends® (FnT) is already acclaimed as a “go to” resource for graduate students scoping out a topic and for senior researchers looking for a high-level introduction to a new area.

Palgrave Macmillan     #33
Palgrave Macmillan is a global academic publisher for scholarship, research and professional learning. We publish monographs, journals, reference works and professional titles, online and in print. With a focus on humanities and social sciences, Palgrave Macmillan offers authors and readers the very best in academic content while also supporting the community with innovative new formats and tools.

Palisade Corporation     #12
Palisade Corporation is the maker of the market leading risk and decision analysis software @RISK and the DecisionTools® Suite. Virtually all Palisade software adds in to Microsoft Excel, ensuring flexibility, ease-of-use and broad appeal across a wide range of industry sectors. Free trial downloads at     #45
Nonprofit promotes standards for communicating uncertainties through arrays of big data known as SIPs (Stochastic Information Packets). SIPs are: actionable – may be used directly in Excel to perform thousands of Monte Carlo trials before your finger leaves the key using only the Data Table command; additive – may be aggregated across platforms across the enterprise; and auditable – are represented as unambiguous data with provenance. Packages such as Crystal Ball, @Risk, Risk Solver, MATLAB, R and SAS may be leveraged through shared stochastic libraries using the open SIPmath™ standard. Visit for videos and Excel demo models.

Provalis Research     #37
Provalis Research is a leading developer of text analytics software with ground-breaking qualitative and quantitative analysis programs, such as QDA Miner, an innovative mixed-methods qualitative data analysis software; WordStat, a powerful add-on module for computer assisted content analysis and text mining; and Simstat, an easy yet powerful statistical software. One of the most distinctive features of these tools is their interoperability, allowing researchers to integrate numerical and textual data into a single project file and to seamlessly move back and forth between quantitative and qualitative data analysis, as well as to easily explore relationships between numerical and textual data.

Responsive Learning Technologies     #41
Excite and engage your operations and supply chain management students with our award-winning, competitive Web-based games. Ensure student readiness for MBA programs with our online assessors and tutorials in math, statistics, finance, economics, accounting and spreadsheets.

SAS     #48
Successful organizations today rely on the coordinated use of a diverse array of analytic methods. That’s why SAS provides an array of integrated analytic capabilities, including data integration, statistics, data and text mining, econometrics and forecasting, and operations research (optimization, simulation and scheduling). SAS helps organizations around the world build models, populate them with relevant data and analytic insights, communicate recommended decisions effectively, and surface these capabilities within accessible, business-oriented interfaces. Visit us to see how SAS can help you make better use of your data, more fully understand past and present conditions, anticipate the future and make better decisions.

SAS Global Academic Program     #49
SAS is the leader in business intelligence and analytical software and services. The SAS® Global Academic Program works with professors, students and researchers to support industry partnerships with academia; deliver technology and resources for teaching and learning; and educate students about business intelligence, analytics and data mining for business advantage. Learn more: Since 1976, SAS has given educators The Power to Know®.

SAS Institute Inc., JMP Division     #50
JMP® is the SAS® software that links robust statistics with interactive graphics, in memory and on the desktop. JMP is also an analytic hub, integrating with SAS, R, Excel and MATLAB to provide a point-and-click user interface.

Springer     #6-7
Looking to publish your research? Discover Springer’s print and electronic publication services, including open access. Get high-quality review, maximum readership and rapid distribution. Visit our booth or You can also browse key titles in your field and buy eBooks at discount prices. With Springer you are in good company.     #25, the leading provider of online education in statistics, offers 110+ courses in introductory and advanced analytics and statistics, as well as certificate programs. Students from around the world study with renowned authorities via private discussion boards on flexible schedules. Teaching assistants provide individual feedback on practical exercises.

Sulum Optimization     #10
Sulum Optimization is a high-performance optimization engine for solving network, linear and integer problems – backed with excellent and fast support. Sulum Optimization provides high-quality optimization software for less, which is perfectly suited for embedding optimization into even low-priced products. Come to our booth and learn more about Sulum Optimization. We look forward to seeing you.

Syncopation Software, Inc.     #36
Syncopation Software is a leading provider of business analytic tools for decision analysis, risk analysis, Monte Carlo simulation and real option valuation. The latest release of Syncopation’s flagship product, DPL 8, includes an easy access ribbon interface, an all-new Excel-side interface, completely re-worked, presentation-ready graphics and more. We offer a flavor of DPL for every decision professional: from quick and simple risk and decision analysis within your spreadsheet to building a definitive, extensible risk and decision support solution. And Syncopation is always there for you; our customers praise our flexible, responsive support and variety of efficient training courses.
Taylor & Francis Group LLC-CRC Press     #3
CRC Press/Taylor & Francis is a premier books and journals publisher. Stop by our booth to browse our books to pick up a journal sample copy or to meet with our editor if you are interested in developing a new book project.

Texas A&M University, MS Analytics     #35
The Department of Statistics in partnership with Mays Business School at Texas A&M University offers a MS in Analytics degree which will prepare working managers and professionals to make better informed decisions more quickly to optimize business performance and identify new business opportunities. Courses will be taught at Houston City Centre and via live video around North America in the evenings, offering a convenient two-year, part-time program for working professionals. Open to individuals with strong quantitative skills, for example bachelor’s degree holders in the sciences, mathematics, business and engineering fields. Accepting pre-questionnaires now for our next fall cohort.

Wiley     #8
Wiley is the leading society publisher. We publish on behalf of more societies and membership associations than anybody else, and offer libraries and individuals 1250 online journals, thousands of books and e-books, reviews, reference works, databases and more. For more information, visit or our online resource:

Ziena Optimization LLC     #21
Ziena was founded in 2001 by world-renowned scientists to provide robust software tools and responsive, professional technical support for difficult nonlinear optimization problems. Many Fortune 100 customers and hundreds of sites worldwide rely on Ziena’s KNITRO solver to deliver optimization excellence in various financial, energy, communications, science and engineering applications. Stop by the Ziena booth to see how KNITRO can be used to address your nonlinear optimization needs.