INFORMS launches Strategy Science journal

INFORMS recently announced the start of a new journal, Strategy Science.

INFORMS has long played an important role in fostering and publishing significant work in the strategy field, with Management Science publishing early work by Ansoff, Mitroff, Barney, Dierickx and Cool and others. In 1999, Management Science started a new “department” on Business Strategy. Organization Science, itself a successful “spinoff” of Management Science, also has published work of significance for the strategy field. Last year, the INFORMS Board approved a new journal to be dedicated to the field of strategy, pulling together INFORMS’ existing presence in this domain and giving the Society a strong and visible platform from which to contribute to the field of strategy.

Strategy Science embodies the traditional strength and values of INFORMS journals: rigorous scholarship that speaks to important substantive issues. Strategy Science is a quarterly journal that seeks to publish outstanding research directed to the challenges of strategic management in both business and non-business organizations. The journal is eclectic in its methodological approach, open to formal modeling, large-sample empirics and qualitative research. Strategy Science is also open to a wide variety of underlying disciplinary approaches including economics, operations research, political science, psychology and sociology.

Research topics will include questions of industry dynamics, competitive positioning, corporate strategy, scope of the firm, organizational change and adaptation, and other central questions of strategic management. To pursue this range of methods, approaches and topics, the journal has enlisted an outstanding team of highly recognized scholars to serve as senior editors and editorial board members.

The journal is now “open for business” and receiving manuscripts on Scholar One. It will publish its initial issue in 2015. For additional information, visit
journal/stsc or contact Managing Editor Kate Luckey at