INFORMS News: Roundtable retreat report

The Roundtable summer retreat was held July 30-31 at the Boar’s Head Inn and Resort in Charlottesville, Va. The 30 attendees included Roundtable member representatives and alternates, invited speakers and Roundtable guests.

The meeting theme was “Leading and Training Technical Teams.” Featured speakers and their presentations included:

  • Dr. Steve Spear, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and HVE, LLC, “Discovering Your Way to Greatness: Creating the Learning Dynamics Necessary for Competing in a Fast-Paced Hyper-Connected World”
  • Adm. Arnold Lotring, U.S. Navy (ret), “Technical Training Concepts for the 21st Century Work Force”
  • Dr. Nelson Baker, dean of professional education and associate professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, “Higher Education Roles and Relationships – Things Must Change”
  • Adam Hall, senior vice president, SS&C Learning Solutions, and chairman, Nervanix, LLC, “The ‘So What?’ Factor: Exploring the Nexus of Attention, Metacognition and Machine Learning”

A panel of Roundtable members including Pooja Dewan (BNSF), David Hunter (Institute for Defense Analyses), Jonathan Owen (General Motors), Stephen Sashihara (Princeton Consultants) and Jeffrey Winters (UPS) described what their organizations are doing in leading and training technical teams and their challenges.

The Sunday afternoon outing was a guided tour of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.