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Frontline Systems announces next-gen Solver add-in for optimization

Frontline Systems, developer of the “classic Solver” add-in that ships with desktop Microsoft Excel, announced a newly enhanced, free Solver add-in that works equally well in desktop Excel 2016, Excel Online and Excel for iPad – and handles the smallest to the largest, most challenging optimization models. Upon release, users can obtain Solver in the Microsoft Office Store. More than 100,000 existing “cloud Solver” users will receive the new version automatically.

“Today Frontline offers tools for the full spectrum of predictive and prescriptive analytics, but we’re still best known for Solver,” says Daniel Fylstra, president of Frontline Systems. “In our third-generation free version for cloud use, we’ve greatly extended Solver’s flexibility and power for everyone.”

Frontline’s “next-gen” Solver, designed for mobile devices and touch screens as well, appears in a “modeless” Task Pane to the right of the spreadsheet, where nearly all user selections are made and messages appear.

AIMMS announces new WebUI features

AIMMS announced a number of new WebUI features to improve usability for both App developers and end users and significantly enhance how users interact with AIMMS Apps. The features include:

  • A new page manager and navigation menu that allows App developers to easily create and manage page trees and generate context-specific navigation menu bars at the top of the screen.
  • Wizard support, enabling the App developer to easily create wizards with a sequence of pages and entry and exit procedures. Using wizards, developers can guide end users to complete even the most complex tasks.
  • The Scalar widget now allows the end user to view, enter or edit longer text strings, such as descriptions.
  • A number of changes that make it easier for App developers to work on projects with a WebUI user interface.

Simio simulation yields insights into retirement savings

Retirement Clearinghouse, LLC used Simio simulation software to reveal that widespread adoption of plan-to-plan transfers for small-balance accounts could generate more than $115 billion in new employer-plan savings for the current and next generation of plan participants.

The simulation is the first time discrete-event simulation has been used to model the effects of America’s mobile workforce in the retirement industry. Retirement Clearinghouse used Simio to model the effect of leakage – when employees cash out retirement accounts upon switching jobs – for those retirement accounts containing less than $5,000.

J. Spencer Williams, founder, president and CEO of Retirement Clearinghouse, envisions many other opportunities for Simio simulation to provide a picture of the industry. “We are likely to continue building out the mobile work force model so that eventually we will have a clear picture of the full impact that portability solution will have on the industry,” he says.