No Web Site Available

This INFORMS Community does not currently maintain a web site of its own.

Set up a website for this Community

If you are an office-holder of this subdivision and would like to set up a web site of your own, please send an email with your request to For more information, check out the web-support page for subdivisions. We use a Content Management System that is easy to learn and doesn't require any programs or coding skills, and would be happy to provide you with a template and instructions.

Have your own site or need hosting?

If you are an office-holder of this subdivision and currently have a website, please please send an email to with the URL of your site so that we can link INFORMS Online to your page. You may also contact us for information on hosting for your site.

  • Subdivisions, URLs & Mail
    By Matthew Saltzman
    Subdivisions are an important part of what INFORMS is and does, and IOL is committed to supporting subdivisions' online activities. Beginning last fall, several steps have been taken to help subdivisions do their important work read more...


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