INFORMS Journal on Optimization

INFORMS Journal on Optimization

Optimization has a long and distinguished history and has been at the core of INFORMS from the founding of ORSA in the early 1950s. Historically, optimization and operations research have focused on the process of building models to derive optimal decisions. While models have been the protagonist, data has been a secondary actor. In recent years, we have witnessed an unprecedented growth of data in electronic form and methods, typically associated with the area of machine learning, for prediction. One of the largest opportunities of the field of optimization is to embrace data in a protagonist role and combine it with machine learning. My vision of the future for the field of optimization is summarized in the graph below, which defines the field of analytics as the science that starts with data and builds models to derive optimal decisions that add value.

With these ideas in mind, the vision for the new INFORMS Journal on Optimization (IJOO) includes the following new areas: data-driven optimization; optimization methods in machine learning; and exciting real-world applications of optimization. In addition, the journal will publish papers in more traditional areas of optimization.

A nonexclusive list of methodologies that the journal covers is: convex optimization (including linear optimization); general purpose nonlinear optimization; discrete optimization (combinatorial, integer, mixed integer optimization); optimization under uncertainty (dynamic programming, stochastic programming, robust optimization, simulation-based optimization); infinite dimensional optimization; andonline optimization.

Especially welcomed are contributions studying new and significant applications. A nonexclusive list of application areas the journal covers is: healthcare; inventory and supply chain management; logistics; revenue management and pricing; energy; the Internet; interfaces with computer science; and finance.

Frequency: 4 issues/year (quarterly)
ISSN: 2575-1484, eISSN: 2575-1492 
First Year Published: 2018

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