Organization Science

Organization Science

Organization Science is widely recognized as one of the top journals in the fields of strategy, management, and organization theory. The journal publishes groundbreaking research about organizations, including their processes, structures, technologies, identities, capabilities, forms, and performance.

Its articles also include fundamental research from different disciplines, such as organizational behavior and theory, strategic management, psychology, sociology, economics, political science, information systems, technology management, communication, and cognitive science. The journal welcomes research at different levels of analysis, including the organization, the groups or units that constitute organizations, and the networks in which organizations are embedded.

Organization Science is ranked among the top journals in management by the Social Sciences Citation Index in terms of impact and is widely recognized in the fields of strategy, management, and organization theory.

Frequency: 6 issues/year (bimonthly)
ISSN: 1047-7039, eISSN: 1526-5455
First Year Published: 1990
Institute for Scientific Information (Thomson ISI) Index/Category
Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) category: Management
2015 Impact Factor: 3.360, 5-Year Impact Factor: 6.137

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