Strategy Science

Strategy Science

Strategy Science is a quarterly journal that publishes outstanding research directed to the challenges of strategic management in both business and nonbusiness organizations. It covers a broad range of topics including relatively macro-level concerns of industry dynamics and the institutional context in which organizations operate to more organizational-level focused work, such as processes of organizational change, and importantly, work that links the organization to its external context, such as questions of firm boundaries and strategic positioning.

The journal is eclectic with respect to methodologies, including field-based work, large-sample empirical work, and computational and analytic models. Strategy Science is open to a wide variety of underlying disciplinary approaches including economics, operations research, political science, psychology, and sociology. The critical issue with respect to publication is whether the work enhances, in some meaningful manner, our understanding of some substantive issues in the strategy domain.

Frequency: 4 issues/year (quarterly)
ISSN: 2333-2050, eISSN: 2333-2077
First Year Published: 2016

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