INFORMS Journal Usage Reports

Account administrators may access their journal usage reports by accessing their Administration Accounts on INFORMS PubsOnLine.

How to Access your Reports

Sign into your account to schedule and run reports for your Institution's usage. Administrators will need their account username and account password to access their statistics.

Click on your name at the top upper right of your screen to go to the Institutional Account site. Go to the tab labeled Usage Reports to access the screen where you can create and email the reports. Contact if you need help accessing your account.

Current Usage Reports

These reports will only show activity from 10/23/13 forward.

Please Note: On October 22, 2013 INFORMS changed hosting vendors to Atypon. As a result of this move our legacy usage reports are no longer accessible via our prior host (HighWire). Legacy reports provide usage up until October 2013. Please follow the procedure below to download legacy usage reports. You may also contact INFORMS for assistance.

Legacy Usage Reports

Administrators can now access legacy usage reports from your Administrator Accounts on INFORMS PubsOnLine. Go to the tab labeled Usage Reports under Institutional Account and use the link "Download Legacy COUNTER reports". You can not create and run usage reports prior to November 2013 using the usage reporting tools in your account. You must use this link.

For additional assistance you may also contact INFORMS at