INFORMS Student Chapter Awards Fall-Winter 2017

We congratulate all the Student Chapters and officers for their great work in 2016-17!

Here are the winners of the Student Chapter Awards presented at the INFORMS Annual Meeting 2017 in Houston, Texas.

Judith Liebman award:

Andres Patricio Garcia Arce from the University of South Florida

Mohammad Moshref-Javadi from Purdue University

Rozhin Doroudi  from Northeastern University

Cum Laude:

Auburn University

Columbia University

Concordia University

KoƧ University

Lehigh University

Northeastern University

Northwestern University

Purdue University

Texas A&M University

University at Buffalo

University of Florida

Virginia Tech

Magna cum Laude:

Carnegie Mellon University

University of Massachusetts

University of Michigan

University of Texas at Austin

University of Toronto

Summa cum Laude:

University of South Florida


University of Texas at Dallas Student Chapter receiving the Summa cum Laude award