The Operations Research Center at MIT

The Operations Research Center at MIT
Ingrid Yoerg Larson

The Operations Research Center at MIT was founded by the great Philip M. Morse in 1953. At an April 24, 2004 symposium marking the Center's 50th anniversary, speakers from every decade ranging from the 1950s to the 2000s spoke to the unique contributions of the ORC and its wide ranging effect, not only on the key OR institution, but on operations research throughout the world today. These essays, based on the seminars given on that special day, capture the special ambiance that has dominated the Center's fifty-year history.

Authors include: Richard C. Larson, John D.C. Little, Ronald A. Howard, Ralph Keeney, Bruce Golden, Margaret L. Brandeau, Edward H. Kaplan, Janice H. Hammond, Mitchell Burman, and Jonathan Caulkins.

Pages: 116, Softbound
ISBN: 978-1-877640-21-6
Year: 2007
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