Table of Content

The Operations Research Center at MIT
Ingrid Yoerg Larson
Topics in Operations Research Series

Table of Contents:

  • Foreword
    Richard C. Larson
  • 1950s Life as the First OR Doctoral Student—and Other Prehistoric Tales
    John D. C. Little
  • Early Memories: 1956–1964
    Ronald A. Howard
  • 1960s 240215, 6.27, and X in the 1960s
    Ralph L. Keeney
  • 1970s Visualization in Operations Research
    Bruce Golden
  • From Venn Diagrams to Bioterrorism: An OR Journey
    Margaret L. Brandeau
  • 1980s Getting Started
    Edward H. Kaplan
  • ORC Values: Learning How to Learn
    Janice H. Hammond
  • 1990s Salvaging Lost Opportunities in Industry: How to Really Sell OR to Industry Management
    Mitchell Burman
  • OR and the Drug War: Tales from the Trenches
    Jonathan Caulkins
  • 2000s A Celebration of the Life of Alvin W. Drake
    Richard C. Larson
  • Contributors