Student Chapter Highlights

Carnegie Mellon University INFORMS Student Chapter


The INFORMS Student Chapter at Carnegie Mellon has been around for 2 years, but they have already found some interesting niches thanks to initiatives from their members. In particular, thanks to Tarek Elgindy, they have started what has become their main tradition: the Monday Discussion Dinners (MDD). Tarek felt that students were often unaware of each other's work and led the first discussion. This has gained momentum, and they had 20 discussions throughout 2015. Now they are close to reaching the MDD #40. Some people have spoken once, twice, or even more. Topics include research, something they have just learned, or experiences such as internships and the INFORMS Doctoral Student Colloquium. The picture is from early October, when students talked about their summer internships. Many officers have devoted their time to keep this tradition going. In particular, Siddharth Singh has been in charge of inviting speakers and taking care of the logistics involved since Fall 2015

Texas A&M University INFORMS Student Chapter


The student chapter of INFORMS at Texas A&M was established in 2004 and has been consistently recognized as one of the most active student chapters in the US. INFORMS-SC aims at providing a community for graduate and undergraduate students at TAMU interested in operations research, management science and data analytics, promoting and facilitating discussions about existing and emerging topics in related research fields, and creating education and career development opportunities for students.

To achieve the goal of the INFORMS-SC, their officers have been working towards organizing a large variety of academic, social and special events. Financial support from their industry partner, DOW Chemical Company, allows them to host two of their keystone events throughout the year. They invite local and national speakers from industries and universities for our weekly academic seminar. Additionally, they host the annual DOW Big Data Challenge competition for students from universities all over the US. With the contributions from student officers, faculty and staff members in the Industrial & Systems Engineering department, the INFORMS-SC at TAMU continually strives to improve the quality of events and be a servant for OR/MS students and faculty members.

University of Arkansas INFORMS Student Chapter


The INFORMS Student Chapter at the University of Arkansas has been active in various areas during the past few years. Their main goals are to encourage student interest in the field of operations research and the management sciences by organizing presentations/workshops for sharing information about the methods and techniques of OR/MS as well as recreational activities. They also collaborate with undergraduate student groups to introduce them to graduate studies and new research trends. To achieve these goals, they have organized different events including seminar series, presentation practice sessions, academic job search panel discussion, and departmental social picnics. This semester, their chapter has been very successful in organizing a consistent seminar series led by prominent academic and industry speakers with diverse backgrounds from both inside and outside of the school. By the end of the fall semester, they plan to organize a one-day workshop on using High-Performance Computing via object-oriented programming and CPLEX..

INFORMS Montreal Operations Research Student Chapter (MORSC)


Although MORSC is a very recent student chapter, having launched our first seminar series this past summer, we are very motivated with this initiative because of the tremendous support we have received from OR students and researchers alike in the Montreal area. In such a short period of time we have accomplished several goals in order to put together the platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing for OR students. For example, you can find our website at and our facebook page already live. In the website you can find most of the information about the events that we have had and those that are to come in the current fall term. You will mainly find the information about the seminars and workshops that we have promote on our side. However, we are already working together with different collaborators from different universities and associations. More importantly, even though the chapter has its base at Concordia University, we have been able to reach out to other universities in Montreal that would benefit from this initiative and we are happy to say that to this date we count with more than 80 members.

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