Undergraduate Student Research Spotlight - Call for submissions

Undergraduate Research defined - "An inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original, intellectual, or creative contribution to the discipline...." -The Council on Undergraduate Research

The promotion of research among undergraduate students is an important step in the promotion of their transition towards graduate school and subsequently towards research in either industry or academia. The co-editors of INFORMS OR/MS Tomorrow (your INFORMS Online Newsletter) would like to invite your undergraduate students to participate in the OR/MS Tomorrow Undergrad Student Competition.The goal of this event is to engage undergraduate students in the creation of knowledge and to help them achieve academic growth. In this vein, we invite them to submit a research article that talks about and/or addresses a significant problem/idea in their respective fields of research. Essentially, this is a means of providing students with a platform for sharing their research ideas to the INFORMS community via a special forum that provides visibility for their work.

Eligibility and Rules

  • Student must be an undergraduate student when the nominated paper is written.
  • Paper can be projects done for a company as part of a course, internship, or other activity. They may be undergraduate research projects done at the home institution.
  • A faculty member may serve as an advisor on a project, but the work should primarily have been done by the students.
  • A faculty member cannot be the first author of the paper.
  • No more than four students may be presented as co-authors of a single paper.
  • Only one entry is allowed by a particular author, whether as sole-author or as co-author.
  • Each paper must represent an original analysis and must be a part of the author’s own work. Previously published papers are not eligible.
  • Optional: Each entry may be accompanied by a cover letter explaining the significance of the presented research.

The best submissions will be featured in one of the upcoming issues of OR/MS Tomorrow. In order to be eligible to be published in the next issue of OR/MS tomorrow, the submissions are due by the 15th of March. All submissions received beyond that date will be eligible for entry in the Fall 2017 issue of the newsletter.

All submissions (or clarifications regarding the submissions) may be directed to Siddhartha Nambiar at <snambia@ncsu.edu>.

(Edited By: Siddhartha Nambiar)