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ISBN 978-0-9843378-0-4

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2010 TutORials in Operations Research

Risk and Optimization in an Uncertain World

John J. Hasenbein,TutORials Chair and Volume Editor

Paul Gray, Series Editor; Harvey J. Greenberg, Series Founder

Presented at the INFORMS Annual Meeting, November 7–10, 2010

Table of Contents

Frontmatter, pages i–x

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Chapter 1

Mathematical Approaches to Infectious Disease Prediction and Control
Nedialko B. Dimitrov, Lauren Ancel Meyers
DOI.10.1287/educ.1100.0075, pages 1–25

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Chapter 2

Risk Applications in Commercial Nuclear Power
Ernie Kee, Elmira Popova
DOI.10.1287/educ.1100.0074, pages 26–61

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Chapter 3

Constructing Multiattribute Utility Functions for Decision Analysis
Ali E. Abbas
DOI.10.1287/educ.1100.0070, pages 62–98

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Chapter 4

The Trojan Horse of Time—Risk Preference Representations
Matthew J. Sobel
DOI.10.1287/educ.1100.0071, pages 99–115

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Chapter 5

The Separation, and Separation-Deviation Methodology for Group Decision Making and Aggregate Ranking
Dorit S. Hochbaum
DOI.10.1287/educ.1100.0073, pages 116–141

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Chapter 6

Online Optimization—An Introduction
Patrick Jaillet, Michael R. Wagner
DOI.10.1287/educ.1100.0072, pages 142–152

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Chapter 7

Robust Vehicle Routing
Fernando Ordonez
DOI.10.1287/educ.1100.0078, pages 153–178

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Chapter 8

Provably Near-Optimal Approximation Algorithms for Operations Management Models
Retsef Levi
DOI.10.1287/educ.1100.0076, pages 179–192

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Chapter 9

Optimization via Simulation Over Discrete Decision Variables
Barry L. Nelson
DOI.10.1287/educ.1100.0069, pages 193–207

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Chapter 10

Dynamic Optimization with Applications to Dynamic Rate Queues
Robert C. Hampshire, William A. Massey
DOI.10.1287/educ.1100.0077, pages 208–247

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Chapter 11

Procurement Auctions
Damian R. Beil
DOI.10.1287/educ.1100.0079 pages 248–259

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Contributing Authors
DOI.10.1287/educ.1100.0082 pages 260–262

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