Hewlett-Packard Co.

HP, the world's largest technology company, creates technology solutions that provide new possibilities for consumers and business with a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure.

Past Awards

2009 Franz Edelman Laureates: First Place
Winning material: HP Transforms Product Portfolio Management with Operations Research
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HP offers a wide spectrum of innovative products to meet diverse customer needs. While this has helped the company achieve unparalleled market reach, it has come with significant costs and challenges. HP developed two powerful OR-based solutions for product variety management that address the diverse needs of its businesses throughout their products’ life cycles. The first uses custom-built ROI calculators to evaluate each proposed new product before it is introduced. The second, HP’s Revenue Coverage Optimization (RCO) tool, is used to manage product variety after it has been introduced. By identifying a core portfolio of products most important to order coverage, RCO enables HP businesses to increase operational focus on the most critical products in their offerings. Using these tools, HP achieved over $500M in profit improvements across several business units since 2005. HP also streamlined its product offering, improved execution, achieved faster delivery performance, lowered overhead, and increased customer satisfaction and market share.

Hewlett-Packard: Sesh Raj, Jason Amaral, Ann Brecht, Brian Cargille, Russ Chadinha, Kathy Chou, Gavin DeNyse, Holger Mishal, Thomas Olavson, Cookie Padovani, Kurt Sunderbruch, Robert Tarjan, Joseph Woods, Shailendra Jain, Julie Ward, Bin Zhang,
Intuit: Krishna Venkatraman
M-Factor, Inc.: Dirk Beyer
Strategic Management Solutions: Chris Fry
University of North Carolina Charlotte: Jing Zhou
University of Texas Austin: Oi Feng

2007 Franz Edelman Laureates: First Place
Winning material: Procurment Risk Management (PRM) at Hewlett-Packard Company
2003 Franz Edelman Laureates: First Place
Winning material: Accelerating the Profitability of Hewlett-Packard's Supply Chains
2002 INFORMS Prize: Winner(s) [+show more]

Awarded to Hewlett-Packard for its extensive use of Operations Research and Management Science technologies across its value chain. Through partnership between Hewlett-Packard's Strategic Planning and Modeling group and the business divisions, Hewlett-Packard has diffused modeling innovations throughout the entire organization. These rigorous modeling and analytical methods have saved Hewlett-Packard and its supply chain partners hundreds of millions of dollars while increasing their competitive advantage. Beyond the business achievements, Hewlett-Packard has shared its modeling thought leadership and application success stories through articles and case studies read extensively within the INFORMS community. We salute Hewlett-Packard, both for its success and for its role as thought-leading corporate citizenship.

The award was presented by Eric Johnson, Committee Chair and Michael Trick, 2002 INFORMS President in November 2002.

1997 Franz Edelman Laureates: First Place
Winning material: Hewlett-Packard Uses Operations Research to Improve the Design of a Printer Production Line


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