Decision Analysis Publication Award

Nomination deadline: July 1, 2016

2015 - Winner(s)
2015 Winner(s): David B. Brown, Duke University ; James E. Smith, Duke University
Winning material: Optimal Sequential Exploration: Bandits, Clairvoyants, and Wildcats

Purpose of the Award

The Decision Analysis Society Publication Award is given annually to the best decision analysis journal article or book published in the second preceding calendar year, as judged by an award committee. For example, publications appearing in the year 2013 would be eligible for consideration in the year 2015.
For this award, decision analysis is defined as a prescriptive approach to provide insight for decision making based on axioms that are logically consistent with the axioms of von Neumann and Morgenstern and of Savage. Key constructs of decision analysis are utility to quantify one’s risk preferences and probability to quantify the state of one's knowledge.
The intent of the award is to recognize the best publication in decision analysis. Contributions could include, but are not limited to, theoretical, methodological, and procedural contributions to decision analysis, descriptions of applications and experimental studies. Publications addressing behavioral aspects of decision making are eligible if the relevance to the theory or practice of prescriptive decision analysis is clear.
Nominated publications will be judged for significance, relevance, originality, and readability.
The award includes an honorarium of $750 and a plaque.

Past Awardees

2015 Winner(s)
David B. Brown, Duke University James E. Smith, Duke University
2015 Finalist
Jeff Stonebraker, Bayer Biological Products
Kenneth C. Lichtendahl Jr. Yael Grushka-Cockayne, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia Phillip Pfeifer
2014 First Place
Manel Baucells, IESE Business School, Barcelona Rakesh Sarin, University of California - Los Angeles
2014 Finalist
Manel Baucells, IESE Business School, Barcelona Franz H. Heukamp, IESE Business School, Barcelona
Kenneth C. Lichtendahl Jr Samuel E. Bodily, University of Virginia, Darden Graduate School of Business
2013 First Place
Ahti Salo, Aalto University Jeff Keisler, University of Massachusetts-Boston Alec Morton, University of Strathclyde
2013 Finalist
Ali E. Abbas David E. Bell, Harvard University
2012 First Place
Samuel D. Bond , Georgia Institute of Technology Kurt A. Carlson , Georgetown University Ralph Keeney, Duke University
2011 First Place
James E. Matheson, SmartOrg Inc. Ali Abbas, Department of Industrial and Systems
2010 First Place
George Wu, University of Chicago Alex B. Markle, New York University
2009 First Place
Mohammed Abdellaoui, CNRS France
Han Bleichrodt, IMTA Erasmus University Corina Paraschiv
2009 Finalist
Kenneth C. Lichtendahl Jr. , Darden School of Business Robert L. Winkler, Duke University
2008 Finalist
Henry P. Stott
2007 First Place
Craig R. Fox, University of California - Los Angeles Robert T. Clemen, Duke University
2006 First Place
Robert Bordley, General Motors Research Lab Craig W. Kirkwood, Dept. of Supply Chain Management, Arizona State University
2005 First Place
Daniel Kahneman, Princeton University
2004 First Place
Richard M. Anderson, Duke University Benjamin F. Hobbs, Johns Hopkins University
2003 First Place
Han Bleichrodt, Erasmus University Jose Luis Pinto Peter P. Wakker, Erasmus University
2001 First Place
John S. Hammond, John S Hammond Associates Ralph L. Keeney, USC Howard Raiffa, Harvard University, Graduate School of Business Administration
2000 First Place
James E. Smith, Duke University
1999 First Place
Elke U. Weber, Columbia University Business School Richard A. Milliman
1998 First Place
Gordon Hazen, Northwestern University James Pellesier
1997 First Place
James E. Smith, Duke University Robert F. Nau, Duke University
1996 First Place
M.-Elisabeth Paté-Cornell, Stanford University Paul S. Fischbeck, Carnegie Mellon University
1995 First Place
James E. Smith, Duke University
1994 First Place
Ralph L. Keeney, USC
1993 First Place
Robert T. Clemen, Duke University
1992 First Place
Robert T. Clemen, Duke University Robert L. Winkler, Duke University
1991 First Place
Peter C. Fishburn Irving H. LaValle, Tulane University
1990 First Place
Ross Shachter, Stanford University

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2016 Committee Chair
Casey Lichtendahl


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