Pierskalla Best Paper Award

Winning material: An Analytics Approach to Designing Clinical Trials for Cancer

Purpose of the Award

The Health Applications Section of INFORMS sponsors an annual competition for the Pierskalla Award, which recognizes research excellence in the field of health care management science. The award includes a $500 honorarium for the best paper presented in a Health Applications Section sponsored session at the annual INFORMS conference. The award is named after Dr. William Pierskalla to recognize his contribution and dedication to improving health services delivery through operations research. Dr. Pierskalla is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the Anderson School at UCLA and the Ronald A. Rosenfeld Professor Emeritus, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and serves as an editor on numerous operations research journals.

Past Awardees

2013 Runner-Up
Dan Yamin Arieh Gavious
2012 Awardee(s)
Vishal Ahuja John Birge
2012 Runner-Up
Reza Yaesoubi Ted Cohen
Soo-Haeng Cho Tinglong Dai, Carnegie Mellon University Fuqiang Zhang
2011 Runner-Up
Stefanos A. Zenios, Stanford University Donald Lee
2010 Awardee(s)
Soroush Saghafian, University of Michigan Wallace Hopp, University of Michigan Mark Van Oyen, University of Michigan Jeffrey Desmond Steven Kronick
2009 Awardee(s)
Mariel Lavieri, University of British Columbia Martin L. Puterman Scott Tyldesley William Morris
2008 Awardee(s)
W. Art Chaovalitwongse, Rutgers University Yaju Fan, Rutgers University Rajesh Sachdeo, Jersey Shore University Medical Center
2007 Awardee(s)
Chris P. Lee, University of Pennsylvania Stefanos A. Zenios, Stanford University
2006 Awardee(s)
Stephen Chick, INSEAD Hamed Mamani, University of Washington David Simchi-Levi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2005 Awardee(s)
Eva K. Lee, Georgia Institute of Technology Siddhartha Maheshwary Jacquelyn Mason
2003 Awardee(s)
H. Edwin Romeijn Ravindra K. Ahuja, University of Florida, ISE Department James F. Dempsey Arvind Kumar
2002 Awardee(s)
Jinho Lim, University of Houston Michael C. Ferris David M. Shepard
2001 Awardee(s)
Gregory S. Zaric, University of Western Ontario, Richard Ivey School of Business Margaret L. Brandeau, Stanford University, Management Science and Engineering
2000 Awardee(s)
Allen Holder, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

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About the Award/Namesake

Pierskalla Best Paper Award

William P. Pierskalla, Ph.D., is the John E. Anderson Professor of Management and Former Dean of the John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA. He is also the Ronald A. Rosenfeld Professor Emeritus, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He holds the A.B. in Economics and M.B.A. degrees from Harvard University, an M.A. in mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh and a M.S. in statistics and a Ph.D. in operations research from Stanford University..

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2013 Committee Chairs:
Vishal Ahuja
John Birge
Booth School of Business
University of Chicago

2013 INFORMS Conference on Health Care

Chicago, Illinois
June 23-26