Doing Good with Good OR - Student Paper Competition

2014 - First Place
2014 First Place: Eoin O'Mahony, Cornell University
Winning material: Smarter Tools for (Citi)Bike Sharing

Purpose of the Award

Doing Good with Good OR - Student Paper Competition is held each year to identify and honor outstanding projects in the field of operations research and the management sciences conducted by a student or student group that have a significant societal impact.

The projects must have, or are likely to have, a significant societal impact, and operations research and management science methods and tools (broadly interpreted) must be central to the success of the projects described. "Societal impact" should be construed to mean an impact on individuals, communities and organizations that goes beyond that associated with a private-sector for-profit initiative. The projects might also strive to include innovation through theory, creative computational methods, and should address implementation challenges.

An account of the award, citation, recipient, and qualifying service shall be published in OR/MS Today.

 Interfaces: Special issue on Humanitarian Applications: Doing Good with Good OR

Read the May-June 2011 special issue of Interfaces presenting seven papers that address some of the key problems from the humanitarian and public sectors while suggesting potential solutions and approaches.

Past Awardees

2014 First Place
Eoin O'Mahony, Cornell University
2014 Second Place
Feyza Guliz Sahinyazan, McGill University
Andrew Fox, Northwestern University Tessa Swanson, Northwestern University
2014 Finalist
Yuvraj Singh, Georgia Tech
Hsin-Chan Huang, University of Texas at Austin Bismark Singh, University of Texas at Austin
2013 First Place
Peng Shi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2013 Second Place
Alvaro Echeverria, Universidad de Chile
2013 Finalist
David Morrison, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Vincent Slaugh, Carnegie Mellon University
Fatemeh S. Hashemi, Virginia Tech
Armagan Bayram, University of Massachusetts Amherst
2012 First Place
Jonathan Helm, University of Michigan Greggory Schell, University of Michigan
2012 Second Place
Russell Harpring, University of Louisville
2012 Honorable Mention
Mehmet Ayvaci, University of Wisconsin, Madison
2012 Finalist
Alex Mills, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Daphne Sniekers, University of Toronto
2011 First Place
Turgay Ayer, University of Wisconsin, Madison
2011 Second Place
Hannah J. Wong, Massachusetts General Hospital
2011 Honorable Mention
Sabina S. Alistar, Stanford University
2011 Finalist
Kathleen Hendrix, Georgia Institute of Technology
Soroush Saghafian, University of Michigan
2010 First Place
Jonathan Turner, Northwestern University
2010 Second Place
Rene Alvarenga, Georgia Institute of Technology Dani Slaton, Georgia Institute of Technology Jordan Stone, Georgia Institute of Technology
2010 Honorable Mention
Justin Henriques, University of Virginia
2010 Finalist
Carleton Coffrin, Brown University
Gregory Werker, University of British Columbia
Jingyu Zhang, North Carolina State University
2009 First Place
David Hutton, Stanford University
2009 Honorable Mention
Faramroze G. Engineer, University of Newcastle
Peter Frazier, Princeton University Diana Negoescu, Princeton University
2009 Finalist
Murat Kurt, University of Pittsburgh
Rachel Bullene, Virginia Commonwealth University Toni Sorrell, Virginia Commonwealth University James Springer, Virginia Commonwealth University Charles Stewart, Virginia Commonwealth University Yasser Tanvir, Virginia Commonwealth University

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Application Process

INFORMS is again sponsoring a competition to encourage student research and practice that has societal impact. The "Doing Good with Good OR Student Competition" will feature the most exciting work performed by students in partnership with public and private organizations that yields tangible and beneficial outcomes for individuals, communities, and organizations. Such work will be infused with OR/MS methods and could appeal to multiple disciplinary and application-area interests.

INFORMS must receive completed submissions for this competition by May 15, 2015. The finalists will be announced by June 30, 2015 and must submit full papers by September 20, 2015. The competition winner will be selected at the 2015 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA.

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2015 Committee Co-Chairs:

Lisa Maillart 
Univ of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15261 U.S.A.

Itai Ashlagi
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02142 U.S.A.

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