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2013 - Awardee(s)
2013 Awardee(s): Arthur M. Geoffrion, UCLA, Anderson School of Management

The 2013 INFORMS President’s  Award is presented to Arthur Geoffrion for his seminal contributions in the field of operations research  and management sciences , his leadership in connecting theory to practice, and his influential mentoring and teaching of OR/MS professionals. These professionals continue to use his ideas and applications to impact business, government, and greater society.

Over the course of nearly five decades of research, teaching, and service, Arthur Geoffrion has repeatedly demonstrated that elegant, sophisticated techniques contribute the most when they serve to enable decision makers in the workplace. He is well recognized for his impactful research and writing on optimization theory and its applications, authoring more than 60 scholarly papers, chapters in more than a half-dozen books, and many opinion pieces. Over the course of his long career, he has consistently and eloquently argued for bridging the gap between academia and practice and for “the shared destiny of academia and practice.” He trained generations of students to bring a scientific toolbox to their organizations in a variety of industries. Leading by example, Arthur co-founded a consulting firm that has provided operations research solutions to organizations for over 35 years. An early grasp of the rising importance of the Internet motivated him to urge OR/MS researchers to come forward to contribute to all forms of electronic commerce. 

Arthur Geoffrion also put his words into practice through highly effective leadership in his professional societies. He served as president of both INFORMS and TIMS, INFORMS’ predecessor society. One of his most lasting accomplishments was to establish the TIMS Roundtable, which later became the INFORMS Roundtable. This provides a platform for OR/MS leaders at major companies and organizations to exchange ideas to improve their businesses, and to provide input and guidance to TIMS and INFORMS on how to serve industry most effectively. 

Not surprisingly, Arthur Geoffrion has already received much recognition for his accomplishments.  He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, and received an honorary doctorate from RWTH Aachen University. He is an INFORMS Fellow, and received both the TIMS Distinguished Service Medal and the George E. Kimball Medal. He has also been honored by Omega Rho and is a fellow of the International Academy of Management. His work in the area of distribution planning was awarded a NATO Systems Science Prize.

The INFORMS President's Award is made for contributions to the welfare of society. Arthur Geoffrion has contributed to solving problems of business and government both directly through his own work and indirectly through his influence on numerous colleagues, students, and industry professionals. I am therefore delighted to present the 2013 INFORMS President's Award to Arthur Geoffrion, James A. Collins Chair in Management Emeritus, UCLA Anderson School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles.

Purpose of the Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize, and thereby encourage, important contributions to the welfare of society by members of our profession at the local, national, or global level. Achievements suitable for this recognition may be in technical or scientific education or in paid or voluntary consulting or management (commercial, academic, governmental, or nonprofit). The accomplishments honored need not have been documented by personal execution of formal or informal OR/MS studies but could have been reflected in support or promotion of OR/MS efforts. The award is given each year at the National meeting if there is a suitable recipient. The award is a framed certificate with a brief citation.

Past Awardees

2013 Awardee(s)
Arthur M. Geoffrion, UCLA, Anderson School of Management
2012 Awardee(s)
Andrés P. Weintraub, Universidad de Chile
2011 Awardee(s)
Kenneth R. Chelst, Wayne State University
2010 Awardee(s)
Jonathan P. Caulkins, Carnegie Mellon University
2009 Awardee(s)
Ralph L. Keeney, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
2008 Awardee(s)
Margaret L. Brandeau, Stanford University, Management Science and Engineering
2007 Awardee(s)
Lawrence M. Wein, Stanford University, Graduate School of Business
2006 Awardee(s)
Vijay Chandru, Chairman & CEO, Strand Life Sciences
2005 Awardee(s)
William P. Pierskalla
2004 Awardee(s)
William "Al" Wallace , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Decision Sciences & Engineering Systems
2003 Awardee(s)
Richard C. Larson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2002 Awardee(s)
Edward H. Kaplan, Yale University
2001 Awardee(s)
Seth Bonder, The Bonder Group
2000 Awardee(s)
William W. Hogan
1999 Awardee(s)
Leonard Kleinrock, University of California, Computer Science Dept.
1998 Awardee(s)
Jan M. Chaiken
1997 Awardee(s)
Warren E. Walker, Delft University of Technology
1996 Awardee(s)
Arnold I. Barnett, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management
1995 Awardee(s)
Not Awarded
1994 Awardee(s)
Gerald J. Lieberman, G. Lieberman Consulting LLC Lucius Riccio, Columbia University
1993 Awardee(s)
Alfred Blumstein, Carnegie Mellon University, Heinz College
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Award Information

The purpose of this award is to recognize, and thereby encourage, important contributions to the welfare of society by members of our profession at the local, national, or global level.

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2014 Committee Chair:

Stephen M. Robinson
2014 INFORMS President
Professor Emeritus
University of Wisconsin-Madison
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