UPS George D. Smith Prize

Congratulations to the 2015 UPS George D. Smith Prize Finalists

  • H. John Heinz III College, Carnegie Mellon University – School Information Systems and Management, and School of Public Policy and Management
  • Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia - Center for Operations Excellence
  • The Lehigh University - Enterprise Systems Center (ESC), and Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE)

They will present their programs at the 2015 INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research in Huntington Beach, California. The winner will be announced at the Edelman Gala on April 13th.

Congratulations to the 2014 UPS George D. Smith Winner

Leaders for Global Operations

Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Delivering the selection committee’s decision, Dr. Ranganath Nuggehalli, the chair of the 2014 UPS George D. Smith Prize Committee, stated:

“The MIT LGO program epitomizes the spirit of the UPS George D. Smith Prize—a belief that to be true to the origins of our profession, the academic operations research programs must prepare students for its practice. A first of its kind, MIT LGO was created to bring renaissance in US manufacturing by developing analytically and technically sophisticated leaders to face the challenges of global competition. Since its inception, it has built an impressive track record. Starting with analytically oriented students, combining a core curriculum in operations research with courses and exercises in leadership, team work, and global collaboration, and capping with immersive hands on experience in solving real world problems, MIT LGO has innovated the way to preparing students for the practice of operation research.

“The LGO alumni network ensures that the education of its students continues beyond the graduation. The program has developed a generation of leaders who are adept in their craft, and are innovating their operations by making operations research a core competency of their organizations. The illustrious list of its alumni, their achievements, and the long list of organizations that continue to support the education of its students and vie for them are testament to the effectiveness of the program.

“By awarding the 2014 UPS George D. Smith Prize to the MIT LGO program, INFORMS salutes the outstanding contributions made by the MIT LGO program, and its graduates, to the practice of operations research.”

Purpose of the Award

George D. Smith Prize

Strengthening Ties
Academia and Industry

Deadline for 2015 Applications is Monday, October 27, 2014.

The UPS George D. Smith Prize is created in the spirit of strengthening ties between industry and the schools of higher education that graduate young practitioners of operations research. INFORMS, with the help of CPMS, will award the prize to an academic department or program for effective and innovative preparation of students to be good practitioners of operations research, management science, or analytics.

The UPS George D. Smith Prize is named in honor of the late UPS Chief Executive Officer who was a champion of operations researchers at a leading Fortune 500 corporation. UPS has generously underwritten the award in his memory.

The prize will be awarded to an academic program or department. It will include a trophy and a $10,000 cash award. The UPS George D. Smith Prize will be announced at the 2015 Franz Edelman Gala at the INFORMS Analytics Conference.

The application process begins with a summary of the role of operations research in the academic program and why competence in operations research practice is one of the goals of the program, written verification of program success, and a commitment, if selected as a finalist, to give a 30-minute oral presentation at the spring 2015 Analytics Conference in Huntington Beach, California, and, if selected as a winner, to reprise the presentation at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Submissions can be made to

Featured Award

Application Process

Deadline for 2015 Applications is Monday, October 27, 2014

Application Process & Procedures

About the Award/Namesake

George Smith

“As we grow in size, our problems increase geometrically. Without operational research, we would be analyzing our problems intuitively only, and we would miss many opportunities to get maximum efficiency out of our operation.” –George D. Smith: Our Partnership Legacy


2015 Committee Chair

Ranganath Nuggehalli, CAP

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