O.R. Educational Programs


This site contains links to educational programs in operations research.

  • Although we try to include every program that we find out about, we do not claim that the lists are complete.
  • Listings are separated based on whether the institution is inside or outside the U.S.
  • Three versions of U.S. list are available: sorted by institution name, by state, or by type of program; Two versions of the list of programs outside the U.S. are available: sorted by institution name and sorted by country.

This page gives further information about this site and where the listings come from. To begin looking at the lists immediately, use the text menu above.

About the Listings

Our goal is to list any program that offers a good environment for students to study one or more O.R. areas. This typically requires a degree program in an O.R. field, a significant track in an ORMS related area, or several professors engaged in active research in O.R.

If you're looking for an introduction to O.R. you might want to look at INFORMS Career FAQ's, or just check to see if your local university or college offers any introductory courses.

For the listings by type of program, programs are classified as being based in "business" or "engineering/mathematics/computer science". We recognize that this categorization is not always easy (some programs are cross-listed), but we feel that these listings may be helpful for some people.