Ehrgott, Matthias (Lancaster University)

Matthias Ehrgott

Matthias Ehrgott
Lancaster University Management School
Department of Management Science
Lancaster, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1524 593888


A Guided Tour of the State of the Art in Multi-objective Combinatorial Optimization

In this talk I will present a survey of solution method for multi-objective combinatorial optimization problems. First, I will talk about multi-objective versions of minimum cost spanning tree and shortest path problems, where single-objective algorithms can be easily adapted to the multi-objective case. This is followed by a presentation of the two-phase method, which has proved to be the most successful method for problems the single-objective version of which can be solved in polynomial time. Finally, I will talk about scalarization techniques and multi-objective branch and bound.



Bridging the Gap between Real World Decision Making and Mathematics - Multi-objective Optimization in Action

I will present several studies that illustrate the power of multi-objective optimization in supporting decision makers facing conflicting goals. These studies are drawn from the fields of transportation (airline operations, traffic modelling), health (radiation therapy treatment), and manufacturing (composite materials). These studies illustrate the widely differing mathematical methods used in these applications, yet they will emphasize the common benefits of the multi-objective optimization approach. These are the improved understanding of the problem achieved through additional insight into the problem structure; the improved support for decision makers through the ability to properly account for trade-offs between conflicting goals; and last but not least, the considerable benefits that result in terms of quality of decisions and/or improved decision making processes.


Education & Background

  • MSc in Mathematics, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany (1992)
  • PhD in Mathematics, University of Kaiserslautern (1997)
  • Dr. habil in Mathematics, University of Kaiserslautern (2001)
  • Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor, University of Auckland (2000-2013)
  • Professor, Lancaster University (2013-present)

Dr. Ehrgott is Professor in Management Science. He is the current president of the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making and serves on the editorial board of International Transactions of Operational Research, Optimization, Journal of Global Optimization, TOP and 4OR. In 2011, he was awarded the Edgeworth-Pareto Award of the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making. Dr Ehrgott is an expert in multi-objective optimization and its applications. He has published several books and numerous articles on the subject.