Gaukler*, Gary (Claremont University)

Gary Gaukler

Gary M Gaukler, PhD
Claremont University
1021 Dartmouth Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711 USA



Supply Chain Management
Expertise in inventory control, logistics, supply chain visibility and the value of information.
(Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced)

RFID and Sensor Technologies
Expertise in RFID implementations, business case evaluation. RFID in retail, manufacturing, logistics.
(Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced)

Homeland Security
Expertise in border security, with emphasis on nuclear smuggling interdiction (HEU, Plutonium, assembled nuclear devices). Inspection policies, risk assessment and risk scoring for sea and land ports of entry.
(Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced)


  • MS Industrial Engineering Georgia Tech
  • MS Operations Research Stanford
  • PhD Management Science & Engineering Stanford

Dr. Gary M. Gaukler is an assistant professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Texas A&M University, where he also directs the RFID and Supply Chain Systems Lab. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in production and inventory control, logistics, and operations. His research interests center around systems engineering concepts applied to operations. He is particularly interested in the impact of automatic identification and sensor technologies such as RFID on supply chain and logistics operations. Dr. Gaukler is currently the systems analysis team lead for a $7.5 million multi-disciplinary research project funded jointly by NSF and the Department of Homeland Security.

Dr. Gaukler's Ph.D. dissertation on RFID in Supply Chain Management was ranked the top-selling operations management dissertation by ProQuest in 2007. He has published in top-ranked academic and business journals on the topics of RFID, retail operations, inventory control, supply chain management, and manufacturing. He has extensively consulted for Fortune-500 companies on matters such as process mapping and process improvement, logistics, and RFID implementations. Dr. Gaukler holds a BSc (1998) in engineering and management science from Universitat Karlsruhe, an MS (2000) in industrial and systems engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, an MS (2003) in operations research from Stanford University, and a PhD (2005) in management science and engineering from Stanford University.