Larson*, Richard C. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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Dr. Richard C. Larson
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02421


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Working Life

Dr. Larson explains how OR queueing helped him make the decision to retire from MIT. pdf Working Life Article

Dr. Queue 

Dr. Larson enjoys an alternate persona, that of Dr. Queue. He can adjust a talk on queues to match the interests of the audience, both the math/physics of queues and the psychology of queues.

Teaching OR to High School Students 

Dr. Larson runs an MIT outreach education program called MIT_BLOSSOMS. Over 200 freely available interactive video lessons are posted for high school STEM teachers and their classes. Many are OR-related, each motivated by a real world problem. In this talk we present MIT_BLOSSOMS via OR examples, and actively involve the audience as participating students.

Education & Background

  • Ph. D. - Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Professor (Post-Tenure) of Data, Systems, and Society at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Director, MIT BLOSSOMS. Internationally known for his work in applied operations research, with invited programs given in the U.S. and overseas. He is author, co-author, or editor of six books and author or co-author of over 200 scientific articles, primarily in the fields of queueing, logistics, emergency response systems, technology-enabled education and doctoral workforce dynamics. He has served as consultant to numerous organizations, private and public. His research on queues has not only resulted in new computational techniques (e.g. the Queue Inference Engine), but has also been covered extensively in national and international media.