Levary, Reuven R. (Saint Louis University)

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Reuven R. Levary
Reuven R. Levary
Department of Management and Decision Sciences
Saint Louis University
Saint Louis, MO 63108
» Phone: (314) 977-3804
» E-mail: levarypr@slu.edu
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Introduction to Operations Research
Discussion of several methods of choosing an appropriate course of action, given a specific decision making environment. (Elementary)

Production and Operations Management
Outline of methods of effectively and efficiently managing production and/or operations in both industrial and service sectors. (Elementary or Intermediate)

Application of Mathematical Programming Models to Capital Budgeting
Description of analytical methods that enable organizations to choose investment proposals likely to make the greatest contribution to the achievement of the organization's goals, given organizational constraints. (Intermediate)


  • B.Sc. Electrical Engineering - Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
  • M.Sc. Electrical Engineering - Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
  • M.S. Operations Research - Case Western Reserve University
  • Ph.D. Operations Research - Case Western Reserve University

Presently, Professor of Decision Sciences, Saint Louis University. Held visiting positions at Massachussetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, Princeton University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Co-author, Quantitative Methods for Capital Budgeting, South-Western Publishing Company, 1990; Editor, Engineering Design: Better Results Through Operations Research Methods, North-Holland, 1988. Numerous publications in journals on operations research and management sciences. Recipient of the Burlington Northern Foundation Faculty Achievement Award as the outstanding scholar at Saint Louis University for 1986. Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Serves on the editorial board of several journals.