Lieberman, Warren (Veritec Solutions)

Warren Lieberman

Warren H. Lieberman
Veritec Solutions
824 Miramar Terrace
Belmont, CA 94002

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Revenue Management in the Self Storage Industry
During the past 10 years or so, Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing has undergone considerable evolution in the self-storage industry.  This talk highlights the state-of-the-art models that were uniquely developed for the industry, the psychology of pricing, the evolution and acceptance of new technology in the industry, and other elements that can help demonstrate the power of analytics to change an industry in key ways.

This talk can be customized to be of interest to academia and/or business executives.

Personalized Pricing/Revenue Management
We review a range of analytics that are helping companies implement more targeted and personalized pricing methods.  We cover a variety of areas including designing promotions, customer service changes, and prioritizing sales efforts. 

Appropriate Audience: Undergraduate Students

Implementing Yield Management: Challenges and Opportunities
Companies have had mixed experiences as they try to benefit from implementing revenue management concepts. Both technical and non-technical challenges faced by firms are explored. Case studies can be included. (elementary)

The Use of Operations Research in the Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Industries
This talk can be customized to discuss areas of particular interest to the host or provide a general overview of operations research in these industries. (elementary)

Dynamic Pricing: A World Beyond Yield Management
This talk focuses on state-of-the-art pricing techniques and decision support capabilities. Specific opportunities made possible by e-commerce distribution channels, including distressed inventory channels can be included. (intermediate)

Revenue/Yield Management and Pricing
This talk can be customized to discuss any aspects of revenue management of interest to the host. (intermediate)

Education & Background

  • Ph.D. Operations Research - Yale University
  • M.A. Operations Research - Yale University
  • B.S. Mathematics - State University of New York-Binghamton

Dr. Warren Lieberman is President of Veritec Solutions. Veritec is a consulting firm specializing in pricing and revenue management. A pioneer in expanding the pricing and inventory control concepts of revenue management, he began his career at American Airlines in 1984. Warren's experience includes pioneering new approaches to forecasting, optimization, graphical user interfaces, performance measurement, and ancillary decision support capabilities to support revenue management decision-making. He is an internationally recognized expert in dynamic pricing in non-traditional applications and has authored many articles on revenue management.