Lowe*, Timothy J. (University of Iowa)

Timothy Lowe speaker

Timothy J. Lowe
Professor Emeritus
Tippie College of Business, University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa 52242 

Website: Timothy Lowe's University of Iowa webpage

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Operations Research: An Introduction to Models and Applications
Operations research models have found numerous applications in the structuring and solution of problems arising in both the public and private sectors. We trace the development of some of these models and cite specific applications. (Elementary)

Competitive Manufacturing, With Help From Management Science
To successfully compete in the world-wide marketplace, a manufacturer must be able to produce goods which are competitively priced, delivered in a timely manner and are of high quality. This talk addresses how management science assists manufacturers in this effort. (Elementary)

An Application of the Traveling Salesman Problem in Gas Turbine Engine Design
When a gas turbine engine is overhauled, a sequencing problem arises regarding the placement of nozzle guide vanes about the circumference of the engine nozzle. In this talk, we outline a successful application of the classical traveling salesman problem to this sequencing problem. (Intermediate)

Matching Supply and Demand: The Value of a Second Chance
The production of seed for some agricultural products exploits the fact that the northern and southern hemispheres offer the opportunity to have more than one growing season in a given calendar year. In this talk, we describe a successful application of optimization to a challenging problem in the agricultural sector that takes advantage of these multiple growing seasons. (Intermediate)

The Location of Facilities on Transport Networks
Problems associated with the location of facilities on transport networks has been an active research area for several years. We address major results in this area and outline unresolved issues. (Intermediate or Advanced)


  • B.S. Industrial Engineering - Iowa State University
  • M. Eng. Industrial Engineering - Iowa State University
  • Ph.D. Industrial Engineering/Operations Research - Northwestern University

Presently: Chester Phillips Professor of Operations Management, Tippie College of Business, University of Iowa. Formerly: Smeal Chair of Supply Chain and Information Systems, Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University; C. Maxwell Stanley Chair of Operations Management and Director of the Tippie College's Manufacturing Productivity Center, University of Iowa; Professor of Management, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University; Associate Professor of Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Florida; and Process Design / Project Engineer, Exxon corporation. Author of papers in several professional journals. Research interests in operations management, supply chain management, mathematical programming, and location theory. Editorial experience: Associate Editor for Operations Research, Location Science, TOP, and Managerial and Decision Economics; Senior Editor for Manufacturing and Service Operations Management; Departmental Editor (Facilities Design/Location Analysis) IIE Transactions.