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Amit Prasad
Transportation Insight Holding Company
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US TL Transportation Market - Demystifying Using Data
US Trucking Marketplace is a +$800B market. It is a large fragmented market with millions of participants making buy/sell decisions based on their own economic self-interest with varying levels of market information in a system defined by uncertainty, lag times, and delayed feedbacks which drives exaggerated response to market signals setting up repeated cycles of overshoot and collapse. It is very interesting to see how data can simplify the understanding of this complex marketplace and help to make more meaningful strategic decisions.
(Undergraduate Students; Graduate Students; Faculty/Academics; Business Professionals; Executives)
AI-based Dynamic Pricing in US Trucking Marketplace
Pricing in US Truckload marketplace is manual, slow, and too reliant on data and tools which are often "dirty" and backward-looking market averages. Market conditions change rapidly and customers' responsiveness expectations are increasing. Wisdom is locked in the heads of the old guard with the most tribal knowledge and it is difficult to make intelligent data driven decisions in this rapidly changing marketplace based on anecdotal facts residing in silos. It is interesting to see how AI and machine learning can help create some of the most powerful predictive pricing models.
(Undergraduate Students; Graduate Students; Faculty/Academics; Business Professionals; Executives)

Education & Background
M. Engg. in Supply Chain Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Amit Prasad
Chief Data Science Officer
TI Holding Company
Amit Prasad is the Chief Data Science Officer for TI Holding Company, the parent company of Transportation Insight (TI) and the Nolan Transportation Group (NTG).

Amit leads the company’s Supply Chain, Data Science and Innovation group, which focuses on the advancement of innovative predictive and prescriptive supply chain solutions and data-driven insights to customers across all three businesses in the TI Holdco portfolio: brokerage (NTG), managed transportation, and parcel. The group is also responsible for introducing, prototyping, piloting and developing advanced operational solutions from concept to final products for internal and external applications.

He first came to TI Holdco in March 2021 as Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy for NTG. Prior to that, Amit served as Vice President, Supply Chain & Data Science for Coyote Logistics, where he built and oversaw the company’s supply chain engineering, AI and machine learning applications, consulting services and other research and innovation initiatives. He has also served as Manager, Global Supply Chain for Hewlett-Packard and as Software Engineer, Science for Manhattan Associates Inc. responsible for designing, developing and implementing advanced algorithmic solutions for supply chain software.

Amit studied Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), India. He later attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he earned his master’s in supply chain management.