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The Ingredients to Make Analytics Work

Analytics has become one of the most popular and sought-after jobs. It has been commonly used in different contexts such as: business, government, politics, and sports to name a few, and has been utilized at various levels. Whether you pursue a career in industry or at academia working on research projects, you will likely be faced with the challenges to realize the tremendous impact of analytics, and especially advanced analytics. You will also need to prove the benefits that analytics can bring to organizations. What are the key elements needed to make analytics successful? Will discuss the challenges to expect and ideas to overcome them, drawing from personal experience in various domains.

Appropriate audience: Undergraduate students

Education & Background

  • PhD, MIT
  • MSc, MIT
  • BSc, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

For over 20 years Rina has led and participated in top advanced analytics organization. Combining Operations Research scientific methods with her strong modeling and management skills, Rina has devised and guided the development of innovative advanced analytics solution and their application to practical business with focus on impacting business decisions and their bottom line. Most recently Rina served as Director of Business Analytics at Verizon, Managing a group of PhD Advanced Analytics professionals who developed solutions, methodologies, models and tools for internal client organizations across Verizon. Tackling business problems in network planning, capital allocation, legal, operations, marketing, and others, these significant initiatives resulted in bottom-line impact of $10s Millions per year, as well as qualitative impact on areas such as network reliability and customer satisfaction.

While serving as the President of Informs - the largest organization for Advanced analytics professionals in the world with about 11,000 members from academia, industry and government – Rina has guided the organization through a major transition into an Advanced Analytics leader, and its board to become more strategic oriented.

Rina Co-founded Emptoris – a sourcing platform company, and developed its first sourcing optimization, which pioneered the use optimization for sourcing organizations.

Earlier in her career Rina managed an Operations Research group at Sabre, focusing on developing algorithms for planning and operational software products for trucking companies.

Rina Received her BSc from the Technion, Israel, and her MSc and PhD from MIT.

She published articles in few journals such as Interfaces and Operations Research, and has granted a number of patents on Auctions and Telecommunication.

Rina’s received various honor/awards throughout her career, including:

Winner of Informs Kimball Medal award for for recognition of distinguished service to the Institute and to the profession of operations research and the management sciences.

Winner of 2004 Edelman award of Informs with Emptoris and Motorola for best industry application of Operations Research/Advanced Analytics with focus on impact to business; Finalist of 1991 Dissertation Prize from Transportation Science SIG of ORSA; Verizon Excellence Award, Dispatch Algorithms, 2005 and Energy Board, 2002.