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Xiaonan Shang Speaker

Xiaonan (Shannon) Shang
Enovation Controls
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Careers in Analytics and Skills Development
I help students develop their skill set in Analytics and start careers in different areas at University of Tulsa. I can provide advice to students on how to prepare for their career, and really contribute to the industry with thier skills.

Appropriate audience: Undergraduate students

Analytics is so good, that we need to be cautious
Analytics is a trending topoic for the past 10-20 years. It sounds so good that many organizations adopt it and invest a huge amount of money on it. However, data quality, misunderstanding of conceps, misuse of methods, etc, can all cause failure in important business decisions. How it may go wrong? What can we do about it?

Appropriate audience: Executives

Math, Statistics, and Big Data Analytics: Same, Different, and Similar
I always say, math is a perfect science. Why? 1+1=2, and only 2. Statistics, not really. We make assumptions, and try to use sample to understand the population. The result we get from Statistics analysis may not be 100% true, because we allow error in Statistics, and we try to reduce error as much as we can. I call it, perfect imperfection. Big Data Analytics is new to a lot of people. Many people thought it's simply Statistics but with big data. In big data we try to use all data available. Sounds perfect. While we also allow error in analytics, can we still consider it perfect?

Appropriate audience: Undergraduate students

Education & Background

  • M.S., Quantitative Finance, University of Tulsa
  • M.B.A., University of Tulsa
  • B.S., Business Administration, University of Tulsa

I am a market analyst at a global manufacturing company Enovation Controls. I've been focusing on improving data quality and promoting analytics application within the company. I am also an adjunct instructor at University of Tulsa teaching Finance and Statistics related class. Along with my teaching experience as a teaching assistant and a tutor, I have 7-year teaching experience, and 3-year research assistant experience, in Statistics, Finance, and Analytics. I would love to share my opinions with more people and discuss the future of Analytics.